Tuesday, April 7, 2015

I'm hungry... I'm thirsty

One of the many beautiful parts of the Passover holiday is the concept of opening your home to strangers, inviting all who are hungry to come and share your meal. Yesterday as we spent some time at our city's so- called lake, our grandson complained that he was hungry and thirsty.

He was given food and water and fun yesterday but later as I sat quietly thinking over the day we had, I realized what a marvel it is to have a grandchild old enough to express his needs, wants, and preference.

I love infants but it is often a guessing game... Are they hungry, tired, in pain...whatever?

The ease with which our grandson begins to express himself is a joy to watch. More than sharing what he has been taught, something amazing in its own right, opinions and thoughts are coming out.

Yesterday, I watched him as he played, ran down the grassy hill, ate all the typical Passover foods...and more. It is fun to see in your own children but when you see this with your grandchildren it is different. Perhaps because we are less busy providing these needs, or because we are not responsible directly, not on call 24 hours a day...whatever the reason, I loved hearing my grandson express himself.

He is a thinking human being anxious to share what is on his mind. As all parents do...as I did with mine...there is the challenge of allowing the unique personality to thrive while teaching societal norms, responsibility, courtesy. Even simply the concept of obedience... He has to learn to listen for his own safety not just because he should listen to his elders.

So little and yet so smart... I am in awe of him and of his parents... Did I really do this myself years ago with my own? Surely not as well... Surely not as easily as they make it seem.


Ruti Mizrachi said...

Oh how well I relate! And I suspect listening to their opinions also will be easier on the grandparents because we can appreciate their budding genius from a distance, without having quite as much responsibility for keeping any chutzpah under control. ;-) I give you brachot that you will be permitted to enjoy this fine young neshama and his parents for long, healthy, happy years. Yiddishe nachas!

Netivotgirl said...

Well done!! When I see my eldest daughter's endless patience with her little ones I ask myself, "Was I ever like that?" Oh how many mistakes I made on her, my first born! Paula, may you and your husband merit the joy of many more grandchildren and great-grandchildren in this beautiful land of ours. And yes. We DID do what they are doing with ease. Moreover, sans disposable diapers, and many other conveniences!!

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