Sunday, April 26, 2015

Israel Heading to Nepal be more accurate, they are already there...once again, one of the first teams on site.

Here's a look back at more of what they've done...where they've gone in the past...all to fulfill the single most basic concept of Judaism...when you save a single is as if you have saved the entire world.

Israel, my small country...

At this moment, two full planes of Israelis and supplies have been airlifted to Nepal to set up emergency hospitals, to rescue, to help.



Frank said...

So does the rest of the world without bragging because they want to help for help's sake and not for good PR

A Soldier's Mother said...

Really, Frank? Tell any single one of our neighbors sending help? I've heard nothing from Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia or Egypt about sending help.

I've heard that England spoke quickly that they would send money, as did Italy...tell me, will money dig through the rubble? Will it perform operations?

We are flying TWO plane loads, tons and tons of equipment, medical equipment - a FULL hospital and dozens of doctors and equipment to help pull people from the rubble and save lives. They've committed two weeks of their lives to be there among the injured...and if need by, we'll probably sent more. We are still helping in Haiti (and unlike the US, we crossed the world to get there in 25 hours (a 15 hours flight...where it took the US 7 DAYS to get there). And in that time, we got there with xray machines (as we will this time), and a full ability to perform complex operations.

Do you hate Israel that much that you can't recognize the amazing assistance repeatedly sent around the world?

And why do we "brag"? (as you call it)

Because most of the time, the media and people like you scream out that we killed 4 Palestinians yesterday...and then whisper very quietly (if that) that this was done while they were PLANTING BOMBS on the border fence...or ramming their vehicles into pedestrians waiting for a bus...

Kills you doesn't it? That we are there on the ground helping while your nation is likely sitting back and sending a few dollars...or even a million...what matter will that make to the ones who die because there is no one there?

Well, Israel IS there...our doctors are there...saving lives...

Frank said...

I don't hate neither you nor Israel don't be silly
Pakistan has send help and a hospipal, the EU helps too and so does the US

It seems for me you mistook me for someone else, you assume too much from the few lines written by me.I don't care if you kill people who plant bombs on your border it's your we're holier than you attitude which made me respond to you

Frank said...

I don't hate neither you nor Israel, don't be silly
Pakistan has sent help, too including a field hospital and so do many others

What makes you think I care for Pali gunmen?
If they plant bombs on your border kill them all for I care
Btw-Why aren't you publishing my comments? That isn't nice either but unlike you I don't think you hate me

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