Thursday, April 23, 2015

Loving Israel in Video

I heard about the making of this video long before I got a chance to see it. When I did see it, I looked for the scenes I knew would be there - Chaim kayaking on the Jordan River, water-snappling, and yes, skydiving!

Watch the movie - he's the first person to appear (after the opening one of the guy skydiving which I don't think is him...right, Chaim?)

I had expected to see Chaim...but I loved the scenery and the tone and feel of the whole video. What a great job they did of showing the beauty of Israel and how much we love it here.

The funny part is that before I got a chance to search for a link that I could post here - someone in the States sent it to me...probably not even realizing that we had a "stake" in the video.

I'm so proud that my family adopted Chaim and his brother, Yakov...wait, before Yakov calls me, to set the record straight, we adopted Yakov first and he's our favorite older adopted son...and then Yakov brought us Chaim with a smile and a "he's my brother." And so we responded, as anyone would, simply by saying that this mean Chaim is ours too.

So - enjoy the video and if you aren't in Israel already...watcha waiting for?

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful video!

Your people should be so proud of what you have acheived - of who you are, and what you stand for.

I can't even imagine how emotional it must be for those stepping of the plane to a "welcome home" party.

God bless Israel.


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