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The End of Israel...A Message for Tuvia Tenenbom

What would you do if you read a book that predicted the end of your country...and, in effect, the end of your life and those you love? You'd probably cry a bit...I did. You'd probably reject it...I do.

But you'll think about what the author wrote...I am.

You'll want to dismiss it as nonsense...I wish...more, I believe he is wrong.

Tuvia Tenenbom has written a book, "Catch the Jew". He's a fantastic writer - more, he's a journalist...and I can tell you I say that about very few people today. Most so-called journalists, certainly many of the ones who work for BBC, CNN, and sad to admit, even the "friendly" media like Fox News, are more interested in shaping the news, rather than reporting it. They "frame" it, they will tell you, but the frame is faulty because it comes with a predetermined conclusion.

Tenenbom's book doesn't. You aren't quite sure where he's going to end up - at varying points, you wonder whether someone else will be finishing it because he ended up getting murdered upon discovery that he isn't the Aryan Christian he pretends to be. He goes among the right and laughs at them; he meets with the left and finds them moronic. He meets with Druze, Bedouin, Muslim, Christian and Jew...and pretty much every denomination among them.

I wish I could have met and shown him my Israel because what he considers the "center" of Israel, really isn't; what he calls the "extreme right", isn't either. Shades of accuracy, true, but the depth is sometimes missing just a bit. But, there are two things I think he got wrong. Considering how long the book took, how much time he spent in Israel...that's really not too bad overall.

What he got right is placed before you with sharp, insightful and even sarcastic sentences thrown out there for you, the reader. As he meets with some politician, it is as if he turns his head and speaks to you, explaining that you, like he, should not be fooled by the hot air in the room. 

The first inkling of this comes when he listens to Arabs explain how Israel is responsible for all their they cannot even repaint a small area of a ceiling because the Israelis won't let them...and then almost immediately following this, the Arabs take him (a German Christian journalist who is really an Israeli-born Jew of German descent) to see a Turkish bath being built with European donations to the tune of 2.4 million Euros. His comment "Either the Israelis are stupid, or the Arabs are liars."

He meets with a popular (left-leaning) politician and calls her an idiot; he meets with an unpopular (right-leaning) politician and is surprised by her intelligence. 

He certainly didn't mean to be right-wing, and will deny to the end that he is...and yet his biggest complaints are against the left and the Germans who are spending millions of dollars quietly undermining the Jewish state. Beyond an overall image of Israel, something he does offer to his readers, what the book comes down to for those of us who know Israel very well are those two things...the self-hate of the Jew and the anti-Semitism of the past, which is alive and well and even thriving in Germany, Europe, and elsewhere.

With these conclusions, and the solid proof he offers page after page, you can't argue with Tenenbom. It is on the last pages where you are devastated and as he leaves Israel (having finished the 6 or 7 month assignment he accepted in order to write the book), you cry with him.

I read as he predicted our demise, the end of Israel. There is no other conclusion that he can come to, having seen the endless efforts the left devotes to this very goal. Israel, he writes, a beautiful, amazing, brilliant nation that he has clearly come to love...cannot defeat the Germans and the left, the anti-Semitism, the NGOS and the Europeans and the UN. It is, he believes, a foregone conclusion.

As I closed the book, I was left feeling his incredible sadness...matching it with my own. But not for a second did I believe his conclusion, let me make that clear. It would be like watching a biographical movie where early on, the family is being told their loved one will die and so they cry and you cry with them for the agony in their hearts, even though you know that some miraculous cure is going to be found...after all, the person went on to invent something, do something, star in something...and thus the movie.

No, Tuvia - Israel is not going to die. We've survived so much more than the left-wingers and the Germans. We have known self-hating Jews from the time our people was born, thousands of years ago, and self-serving apologists since our nation was founded decades ago.

As for the Germans...they are as the Assyrians, the Amalekites, the Babylonians, the Canaanites, the Phoenicians, the Ottomans, the Ancient more, no less. We have survived the Hamans and the Hitlers. Germans? Really, please don't worry.

We are isolated and alone...but Tuvia, when have we not been? No, we are not better than anyone else - that is a flaw in the minds of many. They equate chosen with better. Two different words, two different meanings. You can choose the ugliest or the prettiest, the plainest, tallest, smallest. You can choose anything...and yes, God chose us. 

No Jew who understands Judaism equates "chosen" with better. We aren't smarter, though we are smart. We aren't richer, that's for sure but our wealth cannot be measured in dollars and oil. What you didn't learn, dear Tuvia, when you were here, is that if we are anything, we are the most stubborn and the most determined. 

Even the left will rally to meet us in the center when we are threatened. The truest most self-hating Jew will be the one who implodes while those who love Israel will survive. Yes, they may argue about this piece of land or that law, but the Gideon Levys of Israel, the Rabbi Ariks, they were left behind in Egypt thousands of years ago; they'll be left behind in Europe and the United States. 

Their future is not with Israel, but Israel's future is not what you perceived. Last summer, against all odds, thousands of rockets were fired at Israel. Buildings they hit, cars they burned but day after day, the miracles piled up. Your greatest flaw while you were here is that you tried to dig down below the surface of Israel...and you succeeded to some extent, but you missed what was right before you eyes - Israel will not end.

My children walk this land; my grand-children are being born into it. I hope to live long enough to see my great grandchildren dancing here and when I die...please God let it be many, many years from now (like maybe around 70)...I will try to remember to think of you and say, "Tuvia, Tuvia, as your name implies, God is good. God is forever...and so is Israel."

No Tuvia, the book is great, but the ending is wrong. They've shot missiles at us...they've sent suicide bombers...they've tried to poison us, axe us, tractor us, stab us, shoot us, explode us. They've rushed our borders, tried to bomb us from the air. Have you noticed how many things have gone wrong with Iran's nuclear, I don't mean the sanctions...I mean those computer viruses, those strange explosions, even earthquakes.

Israel is a land of miracles and the Jews are a people of miracles. It makes no sense that you can fire thousands of rockets at populated areas and one by one... 99% of these rockets manage to find that little patch of "open" space. 

The Germans can pour all the money they want into Palestinian causes while pretending that they continue to atone for that which cannot be atoned. 

Tuvia, having spent so much time here, I hope you'll come back soon. Never be a stranger from this land where you were born. It is your matter where you roam, no matter where you lay your head at night. Israel will always, always, always be here, just a plane ticket away. We'll still have our idiots and we'll still have our enemies. It's a's a promise. It's our past and our future.

Don't worry, Tuvia - they'll never really catch us.


Netivotgirl said...

I have tears in my eyes Paula. Can you hear me clapping from down here in Netivot?! Poignant writing straight from the heart. You always get it JUST the way I would, if I could only write as well as you do. Kudos my dear!

144Donn said...

Very well stated but for one item:
Unfortunately, Jews have taken to be apologetic about being special and as a result have made themselves so. i.e. unspecial. We must be the best spiritually, physically, compassionately and harbor no excuses. If we are to be the teachers of the world, we MUST be perfect examples of what a human can become.

It is the relaxed standards we have, perhaps because of our tribulations, that have made us momentarily stumble in certain areas. But, now, after we are out of the Sea and can look back at thousands of years of Egyptians drowned in the sea, and many to be drowned soon, we must sing with full breath and stand tall, straight and be the spiritual beings having a human experience and thus be the teachers and inspiration to humanity we are meant to be.

Herb Glatter said...

Girl, I'm glad I didn't pass on reading your wonderful article. Am Yisrael Chai now and forever

Mary Ruth said...

I am forever hopeful that you are right. Israel simply cannot end... We are Israel, and the land is us.

Andrew Schonberger said...

Leftist activism causes more damage to the West than it does for Israel. For modern Israel, the Muslim problem was a given from day one, and the country has learned to handle it. On contrast, the Muslim problem in the western countries is entirely of their own making.

with faith and trust said...

Sorry but I respectfully disagree with 144Donn. We are human. We are not expected to be perfect. A teacher, a guide, a coach, a friend, a parent, a Rabbi, a child... (I could go on and on...) does not need to be perfect. And we can and do learn from imperfect people all the time.

Michael Stern said...


A brilliant and very necessary review. Jut to flesh it out:
- If we listened to people like Tuvia, Israel would not have been created in 1947 in the face of 5 Arab armies
- If we listened to Tuvia, Israel would have given up in 1967 faced with an embargo and 3+ Arab armies determined to destroy it
- If we listened to Tuvia Israel would have given up in 1973 when completely unprepared, it faced a surprise attack on Yom Kippur from 2 different directions, massively outnumbered (eg 10 to 1 in tanks on the Golan) and with no aircraft defences effective against surface to Air missiles (dozens of aircraft lost) and tanks vulnerable to Sagger anti-tank missiles.

If that was not enough the European powers would not only not help Israel, but also would not allow US aircraft bringing desperately needed supplies to land and fuel in their territories.

Tuvia is a great writer but his conclusions are wrong. Lo bako'ach, velo,..etc

Perhaps on a psychological basis Tuvia having left Israel, needs to foresee a dismal future for Israel to justify his desertion ?

Noah Klein said...

I just came across this post of yours from last year. You are right and Tuvia is wrong. He is wrong because he is projecting his own psychological and emotional issues into his analysis of Israel and it's future. Who is Tuvia? An Israeli who grew up Haredi in Beni Brak and left Judaism and Israel to live in GERMANY. That itself should tell you about his emotional and psychological makeup. He's not impartial, he has considerable emotional and psychological baggage regarding Israel. I met him in NYC last month and was dumfounded that after spending months with Arabs he was still convinced that the existential threat to the Jews is Christianity, not Islam. I pressed him on this repeatedly, yet he could not be swayed. Yet his attitude towards the Foreign Funded NGO's (FFNG) such as Rabbis for Human Rights, B'tselem etc is right on the money and he (and I) can't believe the stupidity of the Israelis letting these vultures operate with impunity, demonizing Israel and the IDF, to no end. I believe, like he does, that Israel will commit national suicide if they allow FFNG's to operate with impunity in Israel. There are Israeli groups, such as Im Tirtzu - Building The Zionist Dream that are working to combat these NGO's. But why should they have to counteract this cancer? Why was passing the recent Israeli NGO Transparency Bill so controversial? The American FARA law is much more intrusive and harsh. And America is not facing an existential threat. In summary, what Tuvia was telling you, is that unless Israel wakes up to it's internal danger it will not survive. You should heed his warning.

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