Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Sense of Humor Gone Wrong

Have you ever written something in a moment of...melancholy, maybe? A moment of irony. A moment when you want people to say, no...really, it isn't like that.

I posted something to Facebook and apparently people really liked it. Dozens liked the post, several thanked me for the laugh. Yeah, it's funny...but it's also kind of sad.

Israeli news sites often "play" on the irony. They post something wondering if the world will see the absurdity, connect the dots. It rarely does. Bibi Netanyahu went to the United States at the direct invitation of a senior member of the Congress to address that important branch of the United States government. As protocol would suggest, our government informed the White House and requested a meeting. The childish Barack Obama not only refused the request, he set about attempting to humiliate and punish not just Bibi, but all of Israel.

In the ultimate irony, Obama's spin team claimed that the refusal was not only logical, but perhaps even ethically required. Obama did not want to interfere in the Israeli elections (I have an eight letter word for starts with B...ends with T and contains a notable four letter word that I'd raise an eyebrow to, if one of my kids said it), and so would not meet Bibi. His government then met with other candidates, but never mind.

So Bibi went to Washington as planned. He gave a stunning speech, heard through the halls of Congress, around the United States, and throughout the world. No deal is better than a bad deal. Logical in every business, especially when dealing with Iran and nuclear weapons. The US made fun of that; Obama lied to America...again.

And Obama continues to plow towards giving Iran billions of dollars while allowing it to continue onwards towards their much desired bomb.

In the meantime, Obama in the weeks that followed, continued to suggest all manner of punishment. And then yesterday, confirming what everyone in Israel knew, John Earnest confirmed that Obama's refusal really had nothing to do with the elections and everything to do with the petty nature of King Obama.
White House Spokesperson Josh Earnest told journalists yesterday that he doesn't expect to see a meeting between US President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the near future.
That's okay, we don't expect to see much more of Obama anyway...the days, they are passing...and I'm counting down EVERY second!

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