Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Morning in Israel

I love Friday mornings in Israel. They are unique moments in a week gone by. Work isn't for today but you get a chance to take a breath and think what you need to do. The new week hasn't begun and so you can organize yourself for what will be.

Shabbat is coming - that's the most important thought of all. This week, I have 6 kilos of flour mixed into challah dough. Some I'll freeze; some I'll bake. After weeks of hard and busy weekends, I want this one to go easy. I will not overcook like I always do...I will not...of course, I promise myself this most weeks and fail but this week, especially, I'm going to try.

Fast, easy. Quiet. That's the motto for this Shabbat.

The birds are singing...very little traffic yet. It's early and kids are just beginning to awaken. Israel is shaking off the night and enjoying the cool weather (at least here where I am) after a week of dangerous, stifling heat. Most of all, we are taking it a bit slow today and enjoying the promise of Shabbat yet to come.

My oldest daughter will be home with her husband and two sons for the first second Shabbat with three grandchildren in my life...with faces and names and the beginning of getting to know this little personality.

It is ultimately these quiet moments in life that give you the strength to get through the coming week. David and Aliza are home...Elie and his family will join us for one meal. Quiet, slow.

Next week will come too soon...for now, it's about just enjoying the promise of a day at home, a Shabbat with my family.

Shabbat shalom.

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