Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Still Say We Have Nothing to Brag About?

If yes, you might try examining why you feel that way, not why we feel we have a right to be so proud...

Interestingly enough, CNN doesn't include the huge amount of medical equipment that Israel brought to Nepal. In Haiti, when we left after weeks of working to save lives there, we donated the equipment quietly to the people of Haiti and more than a year later, Israeli aid organizations continue to work there.

Switzerland donated no money, but sent 6 people...what did they do? Did they look for their own people or did they help others. France sent no money, but sent 11 people. Why isn't India listed? They sent aid.

No, the following list is not completely clear and up to date, but what is clear is that the European Union sent money...which is helpful in the future, but did nothing to save the lives of those trapped. Norway sent money...the Pope prayed. The UK sent 68 people, the US sent 54, and China sent 62. much smaller than all those nations, sent 260 people and 5 planeloads of aid weighing almost 100 tons...(not listed on the CNN graph below).

We have, as I said from the very beginning, every right...every brag and what I'd like to see is the nations of the world take notice. WE were there. WE saved lives...babies that would not have been born alive, people pulled from the rubble...if the nations spent one quarter of the time they spend condemning Israel actually noticing what we do...the world, the entire world would be different.

I heard John Kerry worry about how we treat the Ethiopian Jewish community in Israel...I didn't hear a word of praise from him about our massive aid to Nepal.

Who's helping Nepal? I guess that depends on how you rate it the Pope praying? Is it sending money? Or is it about getting those "boots on the ground" in the critical first hours when lives can be saved?


Batya Medad said...

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Frank said...

You got your teeth into it,huh?
How often will you remind us that you're better than the rest of the world?
Do you need acknowledgement so badly?

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