Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Day the Pope Lost His Nose

-- Guest blog by Rabbi Elan Adler (reprinted with permission)


We knew it from various clues during his trip here [to Israel]

...holding his hands on a security barrier and closing his eyes in prayer, likely not for Israelis whose lives were saved because of the barrier

....his disinterested and disengaged looks when meeting with our Prime Minister, even when being told about Nazi atrocities against Jews

...his embrace of the Mufti of Jerusalem as his "brother" while Sheikh Muhammed Hussein says that Jews are subhuman and the enemies of Allah....

So we're not totally shocked that now Pope Francis has used the "State of Palestine" for the first time on an official Church document.


I spoke with someone today who is a clown. He goes to parties and weddings and juggles and puts on his costume and makes people laugh and forget their worries. In passing about the fun he has as a clown, he mentioned that he has to worry the entire time about one thing: never dropping his foam nose.

"What's wrong with that?" I asked.

He said, "If your nose falls off, there is no more illusion. You're no longer a clown. You are just you."

In supporting the so-called Palestinians by dignifying their wretched Jew-hatred and depraved indifference to human life and "giving" them a State, in giving his imprimatur to a group of thugs headed by a man who flatly denies the Holocaust, the Pope has lost his nose.

There is no more illusion of a man of God or a spiritual leader who fights for the highest ideals of the universe. He is a fraud and a sham, he is just another human being, stripped of moral authority and not entitled to the respect suggested by the rest of his clothing. When you side with the murderers and haters and bombers and torturers, you may be a clown, but you're not a Pope.

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