Sunday, June 21, 2015

Funny...In a Pathetic Sort of Way

On Friday, a Palestinian stopped an Israeli car - two Israeli men in their 20s had chosen to take the day and go hiking to a natural spring, deep enough to swim. Elie has done it; so have Shmulik and David. Only this time, when they noticed the small pool was filled only with Arabs, they decided to look elsewhere.

As they were driving away, an Arab approached them and asked them a question. The Israelis answered and again prepared to drive away. The Arab turned away and then approached them again - this time with a gun. He shot and killed one, at point blank range, and injured the second. That was part of a day in which there were dozens of other rock attacks and the light rail was hit again by stones.

This morning, a young Arab of 18 years old, approached a young Israeli, who happened to be in the uniform of the State of Israel. The Arab stabbed the Israeli repeatedly as the soldier managed to free his weapon and shoot the Palestinian.

By the time the ambulance arrived, both men were on the ground - one stabbed and in very serious condition, one shot and in critical condition. Each was scooped up and taken to a nearby hospital - thankfully for the sake of the soldier's family, to different hospitals.

So, I saw the following headlines on one site:

 This was published late in the day, after the hospital announced that it had successfully stabilized the soldier's condition. It also noted that "despite his severe wounds, the Border Policeman succeeded in fatally shooting the terrorist."

Now, in my book, fatal means dead, right?

Well, later in the article there was this piece of information:


So...I thought that was funny, in a pathetic sort of way.

By contrast, this headlines from Sky News was just pathetic all around...
So a Palestinian was shot AFTER stabbing an Israeli officer...first, I might be wrong, but I haven't heard anywhere that the soldier that was stabbed was an officer, but that's minor.

Why doesn't it start with the beginning of the story - Palestinians Stabs Israeli Officer - that is, after all the key story here.

It would be akin to writing, "Woman Stabs Man After Being Raped."

The violence is in that last part, when the violence itself is the story. The stabbing, the raping - that is what is wrong; that is what made the news. Perhaps a sub-headline could announce, with pride, that despite being stabbed, the soldier fought back; despite being raped, the woman overpowered her attacker.

The story is NOT that a Palestinian was shot. In fact, what was shot was a terrorist who attempted to murder someone who wasn't even on duty. He was just walking past when the Palestinian pulled a knife and listened to the call of his society.

It is pathetic that again and again, international news agencies refuse to properly report what happens here. The minute a man rapes a woman, he is nothing - most certainly NOT the victim. His injuries are incidental; his cowardice monumental.

The minute a Palestinian pulls a knife and begins to stab a passerby, man or woman, no matter what they are wearing, his is nothing - most certainly NOT the victim. His injuries are incidental; his cowardice monumental.

May God send Roz, son of Carmela, a full and speedy recovery.

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