Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How Can You Murder an Angel?

I think somewhere back in my childhood, I thought angels were these special entities that watched over us. My grandmother was an angel. She died just before I was five and I've always felt her. My grandfather died when I was 16, and I've carried him with me since. I loved him so much...and he's been one of my guardian angels. Look, Grandpa, I've said many times...look at her...look at him.

My second grandmother became one of my guardian angels after my fourth child was born...and I gave her name to my fifth child. Oh what pride they would all have felt if they could have seen my sons in uniform, seen how tall Davidi has become, how beautiful Aliza is...Amira as a mother of two little boys.

I've believed in angels always...they whisper in God's ears, sit beside Him. Perhaps, it is with the flick of their fingers, at God's command, the missiles fly off to the west and miss a building full of people.

The one thing I thought was impossible has happened - it turns out, you can murder an angel. Two nights ago, four young men went to a basketball game a short distance from the village in which they live.

A fun night with the guys...summer is here after a long and cold winter. They're just at that age - still wanting the night out and already old enough to have some responsibilities that weigh on them enough to need it. And in a split second, it all changed. A Palestinian terrorist opened fire. All four were hit, but one more severely than the others. His name was Malachi Moshe (Malachi means "my angel").

It was announced that he was in "matsav anush." Anush can be translated as "mortally wounded" - it means that the doctors don't really expect the patient to live. Sometimes they do - and know they were blessed with a miracle. And sometimes, the miracle isn't there. Sometimes, God says no because He has another reason, another need. God called Malachi to him, He took his angel back.

Malachi was rushed to the hospital by helicopter and the doctors tried to save him. They tried and tried...but a short time ago, Malachi died, murdered by Arab terrorists to honor their holy month of Ramadan.

The family released a statement: 
ברוך דיין האמת

משפחת רוזנפלד מודיעה בצער רב על פטירתו של מלאכי משה רוזנפלד הי"ד שנרצח על ידי בני עוולה.

המשפחה רוצה להודות לבית החולים שערי צדק על הטפול המסור.

המשפחה קוראת לאחוד של כל עם ישראל לעם אחד.
Blessed is the True Judge
The Rosenfeld family, with deep sorrow, announces the death of Malachi Moshe Rosenfeld, who was murdered by "villains."
The family wishes to thank the doctors and staff of Shaarei Tzedek hospital for their dedicated attempts to save his life. The family calls on the people to Israel to united as one people.
May God bless the memory of this angel and be with him as he guards his parents from above. May God avenge his blood and may his killers face the Highest Judge very, very soon. Baruch Dayan Emet - Blessed is the one True Judge.

It feels a bit Clint Eastwood here...but I have a message to the terrorists who organized this, who did this, who murdered our angel...

You can run and you can hide...but not from God and not from our angels. That's right...you killed Malachi but we have many angels, so many. Our sons are tracking you...right now, at this very minute...they'll know where you came from, where you went.

They'll find you...they will. With the help of the angels above, with the help of the Almighty, you will be found. It might take a few hours, days...just know, they'll find you.

And when they do, when, not if...when they find you, I will hope that they will be messengers, angels of God.

To add to the sadness, the family lost another son, who was an air force pilot, during a hike in 2002. I cannot begin to imagine their sorrow and pray that they will be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem and, please, please God, may they know no more sorrow.

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Baruch Dayan Emet.

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