Sunday, June 14, 2015

Ireland - Land of Leprechauns and Hypocrites

During the war last summer, I was surprised at how often I was attacked by people from Ireland. At one point, in frustration, I asked, "is there anyone in Ireland that doesn't hate Jews?"

Several people answered me - most explained that there is a huge divide in Ireland between the Catholics and the Protestants...and that Catholics were firm in their hatred of Israel (and Jews).

Here's an amazing video - of Ami Horowitz who went to Ireland and offered them the opportunity to purchase items from such amazingly inhumane regimes as Iran, Sudan, and North a store, each owner was quick to show interest, and agree that they would not purchase from Israel.

It reminds me of an incident that I had planned to write about...and likely will. The short version was a quick meeting with a young man from Malaysia who explained that despite his personal interest in visiting Israel, he never can...because according to Malaysian law, he can visit anywhere in the world...any country...except Israel.

Here's Ireland...not very impressive...


Yoni Raziel said...

and May the luck of the Irish be with you

Anonymous said...

I'm catholic and live in ireland and I love israel the. Some of the people I know who hate israel haven't stepped foot inside a chapel for years and probably hate the Catholic church as much as they hate israel so easy to simple to day is a Catholic v protestant divide. There are a few irish for Israel groups. But the biggest problem is the media and their anti israel bias not the faith or lack their off as the case may be.

Netivotgirl said...

I am shocked!! It appears that Ireland today is far from the idyllic land presented in Maeve Binchey's novels. Absolutely horrific! These people don't beat an eyelash at the mention of slave labour; gulags; etc. but "Of course we don't sell anything from Israel!" Thank you for the informormation, Paula. In future when faced with the decision of purchasing items from Ireland or elsewhere, you can be sure Ireland won't get a penny from my purse!

John Dowling said...

You simply have to remember that Ireland today is a country founded by terrorists through terrorism. After that, everything becomes clear.

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