Monday, June 29, 2015

Stand With Israel Today at the UN (and Around the World)

Here's how you can do something today - take one small action to tell the United Nations that we aren't fooled by their biased stance against Israel. 

This idea came from WUJS - and should be shared far and wide - join the sane world in saying NO to the UN bias against Israel!

It's time to stand up for Israel at the UN
On Monday June 29 the United Nations Human Rights Council will again hold a biased meeting attacking the State of Israel. The Human Rights Council has convicted Israel more times than all the other countries in the world combined.
It’s time to stand up against the bias and no longer accept the constant UN conviction towards Israel. Monday there will be a solidarity demonstration with Israel in Geneva in front of the UN. As we understand that not everybody will be able to physically attend the demonstration we have created an online Israel solidarity campaign.
Here is what you can do to support:
1.Take a picture of your self-holding an A4 support message for Israel. All messages must include ‪#‎RethinkUN and ‪#‎ForIsrael. 
Some ideas for messages: 
- Stop the UNHRC bias against Israel
- I stand with Israel
- Stop the UNHRC obsession with Israel
  1. Post your picture to the event
  2. Invite all your friends to this event
  3. Share the posts from this event. Today we will be posting live updates from the demonstration at the event.

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