Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer to a Kid

My youngest daughter is counting the days until she is free of school. In her case, it's a bit stronger than other years. Sadly, her school failed her this year and it honestly wasn't for lack of her trying. In essence, she was defeated before she began. I've seen the school do this to other kids - hound them until they surrender and leave. I honestly didn't expect to see them do it to Aliza, but they did.

They aren't warm and friendly, they'll tell you readily and they are so proud of being so big, they don't really have time to invest in the kids. Seems to me, that makes them poor educators but anyway. She should go where the teachers will care about her, I was told...seriously? How can any school have the nerve to say that to a parent!

So, we're looking to send her elsewhere - something the school is so very happy about and anxious to help. "Anything we can do to help," the rabbi told her almost gleefully!

I've held my tongue for months, but I'm so sick of how easily they judge girls and worse, how they don't really back down even when you prove them wrong. I surrender.

She's leaving and the school will maintain its path...which is anything but the right one for where our city. They want to be elitist, proudly rejecting local kids in favor of those who come from other areas (and pay more money to dorm). I've said for a long time, that the management should leave and to a place where there are many schools rather than forcing a huge number of girls to live away from home or be subjected to long commutes.

Someday, I hope the city will step in and say enough...anyway, Aliza is desperately counting the days...we were sitting and talking about it and she told me how she and her friends were discussing things...schools almost over, she said. It's already very hot outside. Now all we need is the missiles and we'll know summer has arrived.

Summer to an Israeli kid...

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ProphetJoe said...

My heart goes out to you and Aliza, Paula. This has been a hard school year for our family too. Our son had dyslexia and the school is supposed to aid him and/or make certain accommodations during the testing process. About 6 weeks ago, suddenly 2 teachers report failing grades. I asked my son if the teachers had been making the accommodations for the test and he says "No, not once during this school year". So I contact the teacher who says "I didn't know anything about this..." to which my wife says "He sat in a teacher meeting with me and our son's advisor/advocate and knew exactly what was supposed to happen. I inquired about this with the teacher and he responds with "I don't have time to do things differently just for your son!" Umm, according to State law, the school district and even your school's administration, you *do* have to "make the time".

Anyway, my son has brought his grades up to a marginal level, so he will pass and move on. No one but his mother and I (and maybe him) will remember this in 10 years, and yet it is indicative of the problems in our schools.

I hope you and Aliza has a safe, cool and enjoyable summer!

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