Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Swim 4 Sadna

This Friday, where I'll be is at a professional conference on distant shores. I'm looking forward to the trip, the experiences, the touring, the fun. I'll miss a week in the life of Amira's baby...since he's only been with us for a few weeks, that's saying a lot. A while ago, I kissed little Michali, knowing I wouldn't see her for a bit over a week.

And, I'll be missing something else. I first heard about this years ago and thought about doing it...but life got in the way and I didn't do it and I'm sorry now. Swim4Sadna is an amazing annual event. Women from all over Israel gather and swim across the Sea of Galilee...it's amazing. Two plus years ago, I fell and injured my shoulder and ended up having surgery...I doubt my arm is up to the task of swimming that distance but the possibility slipped away as soon as I realized the dates coincided with this conference in the UK.

In the past, over 400 women took this challenge and swam the sea - all to raise thousands of shekels (and dollars) for an amazing cause. The Swim for part is obvious...the Sadna part...is an amazing educational program that includes a vocational program that prepares older students for independence and communal living.

In other countries, some of these young people with special needs might be abandoned, their potential never reached. In Israel, whole programs are created to help them become so much more than perhaps even they could have ever believed possible.

The learn to cook, to bake, to help manufacture cheese and yogurt from Sadna farm animals. The idea came, as so many good ideas do, from a mother who wanted the best for her son. Vivienne Glaser's brilliant idea continues to grow, year after year.
“Last year we funded the Sadna cafeteria," said Vivienne, "which is open to visitors on Fridays, where some of the students have been learning how to serve the food. Now we need an educational kitchen where they can learn how to cook, for themselves and for others. It is all about empowerment – empowering students to learn crucial life skills and develop their independence, and empowering ourselves to swim.”

I'm sorry that I won't be swimming...I'm sorry that even if I was here I wouldn't have been able to join them physically...but I'm so excited for many of my dear friends who will be swimming!

I watched this video (see below and smile!!!) and I smiled at how many of these women I actually know...I'm sorry to miss this but I know they'll swim true and I'm so proud of each and every one of them!

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