Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Update on Attack on Ramle School

I spoke to David several times today. Once again today, Arabs threw fireworks into the yard. This time, unlike last night, apparently it didn't start a fire and most thankfully, again no one was hurt.

A very kind offer was made from abroad to donate and perhaps to organize additional donations to hire a security guard. I made this offer to the yeshiva, thinking about making a post here to collect money for this, but the response was that more important than hiring a guard was the idea of installing security cameras.

The boys themselves caught the act on video and posted it. When one boy moved forward to try to catch the Arabs on video, they covered their faces and ran away.

The police were called but it took them a very long time to get there (and one time, they didn't go to the school at all). During the day, yesterday, many of the boys went to the police station and one by one, they each filed a report. It is their legal right and the police had to take each boy's accounting over and over again.

Last night, the police came by and said they were increasing patrols in the area, and ended up catching several Arabs with fireworks near the fence of the school, likely preparing for another attack.

This is good and calms me some...but just as arresting one knife-wielding Arab may prevent the attack in progress, it does nothing to stop future attacks...here too, I have no doubt others will come forward to attack the school, which

So, I am starting a campaign to raise $7,500 to cover the costs of installing security cameras around the school. Please help us finance this as quickly as possible. For now, the police have finally responded and in the end were able to catch some of the attackers. But this is an easy target - 18 and 19 year old boys, pre-army, no training, no weapons. 

Please share this with others - for a single donation, this may be hard, but if we share and donate small amounts, I think we can get there fast.


The video of the attack:

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