Sunday, July 5, 2015

Times of Israel - and What is Truly Offensive, Improper, and Just WRONG

I've made a really big stink about the Times of Israel refusing to publish an article I wrote, calling it offensive.

I'll tell you a secret. I have been a journalist for over 30 years; I have been a blogger for more than eight. This blog has passed over 800,000 visitors. My writing is regularly featured on many sites and I get so many people telling me that I have found words to express their feelings, that I am helping them understand what is happening in Israel.

I've had people tell me that I helped them make the final decision to come to Israel; that I have offered them comfort. I laughed...really and truly...when the Times of Israel rejected my post.

Well, I'm not laughing now...

I've put in another post - you'll see it soon here...I give it a 60% chance of being rejected but in the meantime, low and behold what they did allow.

"The settlers are winning, the settlers are winning!" reminds me of the movie "The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming" - but of course, they weren't.

It was just misguided fear and when the people of the town finally got to know the settlers...I mean...the Russians, they realized that they were really just like them, decent people who just wanted to live, and maybe get home to their families. They loved and wanted to be loved. All normal.

But what amazes me, just days after the Times of Israel found my list of Arab terror attacks to be offensive (note: if that is not an accurate assumption, I can only offer the disclaimer that I have repeatedly asked and been ignored and so I am left to assume their motives in light of their failure to answer my questions)...but, what amazes me is that they consider what I wrote to be offensive, but not what this man wrote.
"The most enlightened of the settler leaders see a final solution where Palestinians, or Arabs as they are seen..."
You'd think that a man who says he is 77 years old would have more sensitivity to the memory of the Holocaust victims and survivors than to use the word "final solution" in this inaccurate and cavalier way. Short of sudden senility, I can't figure out what would possess a Jew, even one living in New York, to write these words in relation to the actions and thoughts of Jews.

Final solution, Mr. Rothberg? Really? Have you ever actually been to Israel? Have you ever been to a "settlement"? Are you aware that over 6 million Jews were murdered by the Nazis as part of Hitler's Final Solution and so, as Jews, there are certain words we hold sacred. We do not abuse the word, "Holocaust" and we sure as heck don't abuse the words, "final solution" either.

As for the Times of Israel, I am genuinely shocked and disgusted. YOU people should know better. How is it that you allow the left wing to offend the right so easily, but cringe if we dare to list Arab terror attacks and note, in the words of their own prayers, that they are doing this in the name of Allah.

How is it that the Times of Israel allows such disrespect to the Prime Minister of the State of Israel (Netan-Yahoo)? 

As a Jew, I am disgusted with the use of the term "final solution" and as a blogger, I am outraged at the ongoing treatment of bloggers who dare to present another point of view. I would ask David Horovitz and the editors of the Times of Israel to re-balancing the site before the Times of Israel loses all credibility.

At least, if you won't do that, have the decency to change its name. It is no longer the Times of Israel, but the Left of Israel.

Shame on you, Mr. Rothberg for insulting the memories of 6 million. Shame on you for offending the survivors...and shame on the Times of Israel for letting you!



Paula I have noticed that the Times of Israel has become less and less pro-Israel. I stopped reading Haaretz for that reason and now I do not go to Times of Israel as much anymore. I want TRUTH, not lies or lack of creditable information on what is happening in Israel. I too, have a following of people in America who want to know what is going on in Israel because they are considering making Aliyah. I want TRUTH to give them... not Lies.

I have followed your postings and find them to be very truthful. Thank you and Hashem bless you

Larry Hart said...

very interesting. I am also a blogger on Times of Israel. They rejected a pic of mine saying I didn't have permission to use it. It was from Getty images which are free. Oh the pic was showing Palestinian "policemen" dying on the ground from an Israeli strike. Several of these guys. What was so interesting was that it looked strange to see Hamas like that, since all photos out of Gaza are of kids, bleeding and dying, old people and other non combatants. you never see Hamas dying like the dogs that they are. TOI's excuse was lame to be sure. Since your rejection here, I am thinking that they may indeed have turned from a reputable news source into left wing anti Israel rag. Thanks for your work.

Henya said...

Way to go!Love this post!

A Soldier's Mother said...

Thanks Larry and Voice of Truth - much, much appreciated.

Unknown said...

were you and your husband living in Morristown 25 or so years ago?

Paula R. Stern said...

Hey, Unknown...pls make yourself known - yes, we were indeed in Morristown 25 years ago (moved to Israel 22 years and happily counting.

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