Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Shamelessly Eavesdropping

That moment when you shamelessly eavesdrop on a conversation between your children because it's all being posted to the family WhatsApp group. A few weeks ago, a short time before the Sabbath started, my kids wished each other a Shabbat shalom - it was so sweet how each joined in and said a few words.

And then today, Davidi posted a picture of the results of Amira's MADA (ambulance squad) tests many years ago (like more than 10-12 years ago?). He's there helping others study for an upcoming qualification test on a course he's now qualified to teach. Back then, Amira had also attended a week-long course that enabled her to serve in multiple casualty incident. Back in those days, these were mostly terror attacks on buses and cafes (The Ostrich Calls to Me). What David found were the test results from when she finished - a very nice grade she got too!

My son-in-law was surprised that the network goes back that far in time and added this comment in the group.

Davidi's response was wonderful. "What network? Everything is papers. I don't think they had computers back then."

Did I mention I adore these guys?

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