Sunday, July 5, 2015

Stolen Tanks

I've heard of three stolen tanks in my life. One made me angry, one made me laugh, and the other made me wonder what the heck kind of person steals a tank.

The first one that made me angry was when a man who was, by all accounts, unbalanced...stole a tank and drove it down the street in Israel. It sideswiped some cars, thankfully didn't hurt anyone and to the utter humiliation of the guards, was finally reclaimed a short time and distance later. Apparently, they didn't notice the soldier until it was too late.

The second one that made me laugh was when I learned that Elie's division stole a tank from the paratroopers...or maybe another unit. I don't remember which. Apparently during Ehud Barak's mad, hasty and somewhat cowardly withdrawal from Lebanon, troops were ordered to withdraw NOW...and they did, leaving behind a tank. Elie's division jumped into the abandoned tank, drove it across the border...drove it to their base, repainted it and claimed it as their own for a number of years until apparently accounting somewhere noticed a tank was missing in one place and obviously reappeared in another.

And the "what the heck was he thinking" tank story was just publicized today. Apparently a German man stole...acquired...heck...STOLE the tank during World War II and kept it in his basement. A full, 45 TON tank. Apparently he also stole a missile and other weapons.

It's moments like this that we are reminded that it takes all kinds to make the world go around (apparently even if that means accidentally blowing up a neighborhood or two along the way). Or, as my family would say, "SHEESH!"

Full story here.


George said...

James Bond once stole a tank :-)

Seal Of Lion said...

There there was a story about a Soviet tank crew that got lost on maneuvers in Czechoslovakia. The three crewman were eventually found passed out under a tree with a bunch of empty vodka bottles. When asked "Where is your tank?!" the answers were a bit fuzzy. Seems they stopped at a local store to get directions and one thing led to another... Backtracking, they found the tank behind the store and found the new 'owner' busy stripping parts off of it to sell for scrap.

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