Wednesday, July 1, 2015

We Stand...I Stand...with God

Thus sings the father of a young man who was murdered...
"Even in the most difficult moments when all is hidden, even when it is hidden, certainly​ even then, G-d blessed be He, is also found there. Even behind the most difficult things that happen to you, He stands, He stands - and we will stand, we will stand with G-d."
He then says there will be peace and asks his murdered son to come visit them from above. At no time did he scream out for revenge, for the deaths of those responsible. No shots were fired in the air during the funeral.

Tears of a nation, who has lost a precious son, an angel. The amazing thing here is that you actually don't have to understand the Hebrew to understand the agonizing grief of this family, of this father whose sons have lost their brother.

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Batya Medad said...

Heartbreaking, such a wonderful family

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