Thursday, August 20, 2015

Laughing at Hamas

One of the things I love most about Israel is our ability to laugh at ourselves and others. The absurdity of the situation could choke us. Iran is threatening right and left...they want to annihilate us...and the US government is about to hand them $150 BILLION dollars which they know...yes, they KNOW...will be given over in large numbers to arm Hamas and Hezbollah. The very weapons that could literally be used to attack Israel (and even US interests)...will be paid for by the stupidity of the Obama administration.

Israel spends millions of dollars helping other countries in crisis...and then is accused of all sorts of violations of human rights by countries such as Syria, Libya, Saudi Arabia. Laugh...or cry...

We choose to laugh...and I love that about, swimming around Israel today:

And this one... a take off on the Biblical phrase "And the sons [children] will return to their borders [meaning their land], this one says, "And the fish will return to their borders" (hat tip to Benji Lovitt again for this one)

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