Tuesday, August 4, 2015

What Makes a 19 Year Old Laugh?

The answer is sometimes just silly things and of all the blessings parents are granted, I think hearing your child laugh is one of the greatest. I have a confession to make...some of my sons sometimes drink out of the bottle. No, not a small bottle - a big bottle of ice tea, juice or whatever. I've asked them not to, I've told them it is quite uncivilized! Mostly, they...well, if I'm going to be honest, mostly, they don't listen to me nearly enough! Lately, the greatest culprit is David and the liter bottles of mocha.

In Israel, you can buy milk in a variety of containers (bags, cartons, plastic) and flavors (1% fat, 2% fat, 3% fat, banana-flavored, chocolate-flavored, mocha-flavored, etc.). Davidi loves mocha and somehow, he keeps thinking that he's the only one drinking from it (and mostly, he's right). Part of that is because as soon as we have it in the house, he doesn't stop drinking it, and part of it is, for me at least, I don't drink coffee at all!

When David reaches for a bottle, Aliza will call out, "David! I want to drink from it too. That's disgusting!" She's right...but she's also a sister, and he's a brother and, as brothers will often do - the worst thing she could probably do is say something...and then there he goes again.

Sometimes Davidi gives in and sometimes not...and there goes the mocha. Aliza loves the chocolate milk. As the mocha is David's, the chocolate milk is Aliza's...mostly. But this morning, having finished the mocha, Davidi went after the chocolate milk.

"David," I said, "use a glass." (as I always say).

He took a long straw and put it in the 2 liter chocolate milk container and drank from it and then said, "so you think this is okay for Aliza?"

Without thinking, I said, "so long as you don't blow bubbles."

It's been years since my children blew bubbles into their drinks. I have no idea why I thought of it but having given the thought voice, Davidi proceeded to blow bubbles and as I called out in semi-exasperation, "David!" - he did the most wonderful thing...he laughed...and then he said it was MY idea!

And then he got silly and started blowing in the air through the straw, first up and around, and then at me.

These are some of the moments I remember beginning to notice before the other two went into the army - the silly moments when the boy sparkles through and you know that for all that the man is taking over, deep in the heart, the transformation isn't yet complete.

David seems to be much more aware than the others were as they prepared to enter the army. Like Elie, he stuck with the ambulance squad and so has seen bad accidents and death. He's seen violence aimed at him and his friends. For all that, he's an amazingly balanced and thinking person.

So much goes on in their minds as they begin this road. He tells me now that he will likely only know the unit a month or so before he enters the army. That's how it was with the others as well. So for now, as the heatwave in Israel rages, we're all enjoying our air conditioning and our summer vacation, and a few silly laughs over nothing important.


Mordechai Y. Scher said...

May you have occasions for silly moments with your kids for many, many years to come. My mother is gone now, but even when she was in her 80s we had an occasional giggle together. It was a tremendous b'rachah. You should be blessed that way for all your life!

A Soldier's Mother said...

thank you, Mordechai - I can't think of a nicer compliment!

Steve said...

Laughing at the small things, always a beautiful thing.

Batya Medad said...

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