Monday, August 10, 2015

YNET Failure of EPIC Proportions

Here's the story, hinted to in the original YNET article and then intentionally blurred with their slant and yet, despite their attempts to camouflage it, even a fool can decipher the truth.

An Israeli couple went for a morning run with their dog. They ran along a dirt  path that they regularly use that runs near a neighboring Arab village, which is frequented by Israelis and considered to be relatively safe, and were attacked and stoned. They were threatened with their lives and managed to extract themselves. They did not enter the village; they run this path regularly. This time, they were attacked; the IDF arrived and helped get them away without injury.

That is actually the beginning and end of the story. Until YNET got their hands on it.

The one true line in what they wrote is that the Palestinians admit to throwing stones at the couple.

According to YNET, some of the approximately 250 Arab residents of At-Tuwani saw two Jews running NEAR their village and got suspicious that they were "extremist Jews."

No word on whether these Jews attempted to do anything; no word on whether they were armed. No word on whether they were carrying anything or did anything. No word on what it was about these Jews that signaled "extremism" other than the fact that they were Jews.

What made them suspicious? That they were running and brought along a dog? The Jewish couple's version of the event (Journalism note here: see, you can use a word like "event" rather than story. "Story" suggests fiction, something not necessarily credible.) is presented by YNET as a "slightly different story" but clearly more credible. "The Palestinians admit to throwing rocks at the couple." Well, YNET, does that not suggest your main information source here are violent people who, according to Israeli law could be arrested and thrown in jail by their own confession?

Why would someone bring a dog on an attempted terror attack - wouldn't the dog bark and give away their position? Why would someone run in the middle of a dirt path, blatantly near an Arab village, outnumbered by over 100 to 1 in the full brightness of morning with terror or violence in mind? What made these people extremists?

Since the Arabs admit to violence - unprovoked, clearly, do they not then lose credibility? The answer, clearly, is not in the eyes of YNET. Because there is one word in this article that says it all.


Two Jewish "settlers" - not people - not a young couple who enjoy exercising together...two SETTLERS took a run near an Arab village which has been, according to YNET, a place where Jews frequent (that's likely a code name for shopping). And this time, they were stoned.

YNET - you failed, yet again, to rise even to the level of mediocre journalism because you were blinded by your hatred of over 500,000 Jews who live in Judea and Samaria. If you excuse and justify the violence of At-Tuwani against two innocent runners and their dog, you have no right to show horror and outrage when the violence reaches your precious doors in Tel Aviv, Netanya, Haifa and elsewhere.

To the Arabs of At-Tuwani, despite the pathetic quality of YNET's reporting, few in Israel are stupid enough to believe your actions were anything but violence against innocent people. Next time, it is hoped, that someone will catch your actions on film and perhaps then, it will be your villagers arrested for extremism because ultimately, those who stone innocent people out for a run are the ones guilty of terror and extremism, not the joggers.


Ruth K. said...

It would seem that a different Ynet reporter had reported the same incident with a different slant an hour previously:,7340,L-4689251,00.html


"Bedouins attack settler couple during morning run
Itay Blumental
Published: 08.10.15, 09:31 / Israel News

A couple out for a morning run near Hebron were attacked Monday by local Bedouins who threw stones at the two.

The couple said that after their run, they planned to return to their home in the settlement of Avigayil when they were surrounded by the Bedouins who threatened to kill them before throwing rocks.

IDF forces arrived on the scene and the couple was unharmed in the incident."

peter dominguez said...

Mrs. Stern
The Israel that you so eloquently write about , is the Israel that I have whole heartily supported for many years as a 62 year old American Catholic , for me I have always felt a kinship if you will, with the people and the land which to me cannot not be separated. My father a decorated US Army WW2 soldier landed on the beach in Normandy he took cover in a bomb creator his co occupant was a kid ( my dad forgets that he also was a kid at the time) they were both afraid and the kid was holding on to a Star of David Media (Spanish 4 medal worn around the neck) the kid told my dad that if he was captured the Germans would kill him for wearing that medal ,my father told him to take it off and the kid told him ,he would rather die wearing it. At that moment they both senced it was time to exit the creator ,as soon as they started running another blast hit the spot they were in . My father never saw that person again and also never forgot there exchange,and when he told me this story he made sure I understood there were things worth living and dying for. My father fought from the beaches in France to Berlin and rarely talked about it .
Recently I read where a young Israely suspected of palisinian harassment stated that he adhered to a higher law than that of the state of Israel ,in response Benhamin Netenyahu said there is no law higher than the State of Israel. Can you please help me ! It is precisely that I trust and believe in a higher law that I have supported Israel ,I live minuets away from where Max Stienbberg lived and know that he answered a higher calling. The reason I ask for your help is that unless God the land and the people are in separable I can not support it, it may as well be Costa Rica or Zimbabwe .

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