Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Message to America

I am struggling to find the words this morning; mostly what I find is anger. I have two messages I want to deliver - one to America, and one to the American government, particularly the Democrats. I'll start with that one.

I was raised in a staunchly Democratic family. My mother worked hard within the party; though I was never told who to vote for, it was assumed that I would vote Democratic. For many years, I did. I will never again vote for a Democrat. I won't automatically vote for a Republican, but I will choose not to vote, sooner than cast a vote for a Democrat. As you, the Democratic party, have finished with Israel, I have finished with you.

Most of these names, I do not know but some are very familiar and people I once respected. To Barbara Boxer; Dianne Feinstein; Harry Reid; Bernie Sanders; Patrick Leahy; Tom Udall, I expected more from you.
You choose to redefine the argument, to spin reality to fit your needs and enable you to continue to woo American Jewry to get their votes. The Iran Deal won't endanger Israel?  On what planet? How did you come to such a wrong conclusion? Who the hell are you to say we can safely ignore Iranian threats to obliterate us, to wipe us off the map?

The reality is very, very simple. The Iranians have repeatedly told you what they want - it is there in the chants, the burning flags. "Death to America" they scream out; "Death to Israel" is their battle cry.

Their message is clear and so is your vote. Very simple - a vote FOR this Iran Deal is a VOTE against Israel, it is a vote in favor of the death of Israel. And each one of you will bear full responsibility for each death that results from this deal...and there will be many, including some Americans. You've agreed to give Iran over $150 BILLION dollars. They have already laughed in your faces and confirmed that some of this money will go to Hezbollah and Hamas and to other terror organizations. Each bomb...each murder...will be listed in blood under your names. In our eyes, and I believe in God's eyes, when you hand a weapon to a killer, you become the arm with which he acts.

Yes, you have promised to support a deal that includes Iran's pledge to see us destroyed. That we will not die is something you do not understand and something for which you will never be able to take credit.

That we will live; that we will thrive and raise our children here is quite simply a miracle on earth. Every day here in this land, it is a miracle. We do not take it for granted and yet we know, for more than 2,000 years...even 3,000, God has protected and watched over Israel. This is something you cannot understand; you cannot credit. You cannot see or acknowledge. And you can't explain it away either. By all laws of warfare, Israel should never have been created. Outnumbered, under-armed, untrained - we were a disaster waiting to happen.

That we rose victorious in 1948 and in every war since has little to do with the United States and nothing to do with the Democratic party. So, it's time Israelis said goodbye. If you really wanted to understand the Iranian threat, you've had weeks to come here and learn our perspective. That you voted according to party lines shows your truest convictions. I am disgusted with each of you and with the Democratic party in particular.

And now, my message to Americans. Every poll I see says that a huge number of Americans oppose this Iran Deal. You get it. You understand that if Israel is Iran's "little Satan," than you are Iran's "Big Satan." You see that when thousands burn the American flag and scream "Death to America" - they really mean it.

I have gotten hundreds of message of support from all over America. People have written to me, left comments, and I am grateful. America has stood beside Israel since the moment Israel was created/recreated. Israel has stood beside America for the same amount of time.

Our military forces have a deep love and respect for each other because we know we are fighting the same enemy. This will continue long after Obama and these Senators are a vague memory in the annals of the world's greatest hypocrites and worst leaders.

Our people have fought for our independence, constantly strived to make not only our own countries, but the world a better place. Both our countries have made numerous sacrifices to try to achieve peace, and both have reached well beyond our borders to help others. We will always stand together, even if, in the next few months, Israel will walk alone.

If the day comes that missiles again rain down on Israel, we will not call you. If we determine that the only way to stop a nuclear Iran is through military action, we will not notify you.

All we can do is wait for sanity to return to Washington...and hope that you will remember each of the names above in November, 2016. Israel will.


Anonymous said...

you sure are angry a lot. is that what living in israel does to you?

stew said...

Shalom Paula,
I too share your disgust at the venial cowardice demonstrated by the undemocratic party. President Obama is deliberately putting Israel and America in grave danger financing Iran's terrorist proxies and enabling them to develop nuclear weapons. I know they will violate this treaty as they have over twenty other international treaties. I'm afraid I am too angry to really say what I think about those traitors so let me just say I am praying for Israel, for the IDF, and for your protection.

Brat said...

To say I'm beyond disgusted doesnt even come close to how I feel...
Those Dems should get down on their knees and apologise to Israel..but we know they won't.

Thank YOU for your eloquent qords. As you already know, MANY regular folks from around the globe stand with you - pray for you - and that will NEVER change.

Sharing this of course..

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