Monday, September 21, 2015

Living for the Silliness of Life

Sometimes, life gets way to serious.  It is somehow at those moments that your children feel the need to remind you of the simpler things...the fun things...the silly things. I baked a cake for my older daughter's birthday. I won't tell you how old she is, just that am amazingly proud of what she has accomplished in the life and lives she has created. I baked her a cake that we served on her birthday. Because it was on the holiday of Rosh Hashana, the day she was born, we could not take pictures.

But we have a rule in our family - on your birthday you cut the cake...and there are no rules about how. Squares, circles, zig zag...knock yourself out. It all came from Amira's first birthday. As she sat on her grandfather's lap, a beautiful chocolate-frosted birthday cake was placed before her and before anyone could do anything, this one year old baby reached out and put her hands into the cake. As she lifted them to her mouth, a few of us stepped forward to stop her and my father-in-law said the words that created the rule, "it's her cake, leave her alone."

And so we did...then...and every year since. This year she took the round birthday cake with the four layers I had baked and frosted, and created a sun - removing every other piece to serve to the family. Then she cut out the center and took that for herself. How am I to store the cake without it drying out, I thought to myself..."it's her cake, leave her alone" I could hear my father-in-law whisper to me. Happily, my mother was there to enjoy this with us, and immediately repaired the "damage" and packed away the cake into a box for future consumption (yup, it's all gone).

Then, after the holiday was over, Davidi came home to join us and brought a bit more silliness to my life. Every time he comes home now, there's a part of me that is brought painfully to the realization that somewhere there's a clock ticking. As my life changed 8 years ago when Elie went into the army, it's going to change again now.

I could easily drown in the emotions. David, on the other hand, insists on making things easy, light. He's going about his life as if that huge mountain doesn't exist. Maybe for him it doesn't. People have come to speak to his group; they know what to expect. He's got two brothers who went in and thankfully came out. He's as ready as he can be...eight weeks before.

It's me that is failing so much this time, not him.

Last week, his younger sister wanted to take fresh bread back to school. I figured I could make my usual 3 kilo of challah dough on Wednesday night and then freeze the dough until Friday. From that, I could carve out enough to send her to school with freshly baked rolls.

As I often do when David is around, I ask him to be my mixer. When I mix the dough myself, I get it to the point that all the ingredients are mixed and then I take the dough out of the bowl and knead it.

Davidi is much stronger and so when he mixes, he ends up kneading it right in the bowl. I used to put it on the table or counter, only to realize I was kneading something that really didn't need to be kneaded...and so, I let him at the dough.

Only, he began to play with it...drawing something. I took a few pictures; but I couldn't see what he was doing...then, before he could mess it up, I grabbed a shot...

And then he announced, "and now it's a lake" and pierced through the flower picture to the liquid below.

I live for the silly moments in life.

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