Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Us, not!

Before I went to bed, I wrote this on Facebook:
The news says two Arab terrorists attempted to stab a soldier near Hebron/Kiryat Arba and were injuries (to the soldiers).
What the news doesn't say is that my daughter called me because she and her friends heard the shots and were told to go inside. The dorm counselor locked the gates.

What the news doesn't say is that all day long, Arabs have been stoning cars (one man murdered) after his car was hit by rocks and then he was deliberately run over by a Palestinian driver (who is not being protected by the Palestinian police).

What the news doesn't tell you is that again people were stabbed today; again people were hurt, again terror attempted to defeat us and again, today, it was defeated.

Because as we close down for the night, we are not defeated, we are not going to give up. We are saddened by the violence; we are angry at those who do not see and understand that the root cause of this conflict is not (and never has been) Israel.

And tomorrow morning, we will all rise in our beautiful land and we will go to school and we will go to work and we will shop and we will walk and we will and alive and dedicated to being who were were yesterday, who we were today, and who we will be tomorrow. We are the people of Israel. Am Yisrael Chai - the people, the nation of Israel lives.
Then, my daughter called and I could feel she was nervous, bordering on a bit scared and definitely saddened as she listened to a friend crying because the friend's neighbor had been killed/murdered earlier in the day and my mood went downhill a bit.

I woke this morning, free and alive and dedicated...rededicated to being who I have always been. And a few minutes ago, my daughter sent me pictures of small children handing out Israeli flags, of signs her friends are preparing to hang around Jerusalem. I've been seeing similar signs for a while now - they are wonderful...their message uplifting.

We are defiant....we are determined...and most of all, we are dedicated.

Our signs say it all:

The People of Israel Live

An eternal nation is not afraid of a long path


ProphetJoe said...

Thoughts and prayers for your continued safety and strength...

Anonymous said...

Paula - I am watching this with great concern, from Australia. Reading your blog and "This Ongoing War" and the coverage in English-language Israeli news outlets; I have a FB friend who is Aussie Jewish and recently made aliyah so she is linking a lot of things. So at least I know what is really going on. The mainstream English-speaking-world media is driving me crazy with their mindless swallowing and repetition of Muslim propaganda tropes. But anyway: I am praying for you, and for all the Israeli bloggers whose blogs I read and enjoy. Praying for your family, for your soldiers. May you be victorious against this latest wave of genocidal Jihad. I just can't understand why so many people here cannot see that the ideology that made a young Muslim man in Sydney - 15 years old - attack and murder in broad daylight an inoffensive Chinese-Aussie Buddhist civilian employee of the NSW Police is *exactly* what is driving Muslims in Israel to attack IDF soldiers, Jewish police, and Jewish civilians in the street or on buses. Curtis Cheng in Parramatta was killed by the very same Jihad that also assails the Jewish state of Israel. All the one war, the Muslim war to terrorise and subjugate the world. The Muslims who run over Jews with cars in Israel then jump out of the car with knives to stab and hack and slash the injured as they lie on the road, are doing exactly the same as the two Muslims who in London ran over the English soldier Lee Rigby with a car and then jumped out with machetes and hacked and beheaded him. *I* can see this plain as plain and it drives me up the wall that all or most of the people rabbiting on about events in Israel right now, in our newspapers and TV shows, either cannot see it or, if they do, are deliberately refusing to talk about it. Anyway, God bless, protect and defend you from all assaults of your enemies.

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