Thursday, October 15, 2015

Does this kid look dead to you?

This is a 13-year-old boy who is in the hospital in Israel. But wait, before you gather up your tears and sympathy - he's in the hospital because he was shot by an Israeli.

But wait, before you gather up your anger, he was shot because this 13-year-old BOY stabbed and critically injured a 13-year-old Jewish boy.

So - be enraged...enraged at a society that would encourage a 13 year old to try to commit murder.

And then, as if that was not enough, the Chairman of that society, Abu Mazen announced that Israel had killed this boy, who was now a Shahid [martyr], in cold blood. This poor, innocent victim of Israeli aggression.

What a load of....

He's so full of....

Oh, this is hard...ladies and gentlemen, Abu Mazen is a pathetic liar, a desperate liar, and worst of all, a terrible liar because his lies are easily proven as such. Israel today simply released videos and pictures of a very alive 13-year-old boy. No shahid. No cold-blooded murder - except in his eyes when he attempted to kill the Jewish boy riding a bicycle. A hero to no one.


I am terribly afraid that Israeli law does not allow throwing this boy into prison (unlike the laws in many Arab countries). I just hope that if he is released, it is not to his parents and not to the society that raised him to violence.

As for Abu Mazen - after being proved a liar, the Palestinian Authority has apparently decided to revoke their statement. Quick thinking, they are...


Sammy Finkelman said...

I think he actually wasn't shot. he was run over by a vehicle while fleeing. His 15-year old cousin, who took part in the terrorist attack with him was shot dead.

Now Abbas and others claims to have confused the two boys.

They possibly used the wrong boy because of his age, or because they had some video of Israelis jeering at him and say they hoped that he died (although they could have said it was the other boy they were jeering. Some propaganda chief must have decided a 13-year old shot dead was better than a 15-year old shot dead. They could claimm a 13-year old was too young to know how to stab.)

I read a comment on a blog that the family attempted to prevent the picture of the boy from being taken, using Israeli health privacy laws, but the health minister allowed it and he was not overruled by his legal adviser.

Apparently only when they lost all credibility did they admit the boy was alive.

Shlomo Goren said...

He wasn't shot. He was hit by a car (albeit deliberately, apparently) while trying to escape/look for new victims.

Sifter said...

...AND he's giving the Islamic State 'finger' salute. Wow! Are we supposed to patch up Mashaal and Khameini too?!

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