Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Israel Doesn't Run

Just over 4,000 years ago, Abraham was commanded to leave his ome and journey to a far off land that God promised him would be for him and for his descendants. For all that time, uninterrupted, the Jews knew Israel was the place we belonged. We were exiled, and returned; exiled again and returned; and exiled again and returned. After the first exile, we actually never left. There were always Jews in this land from the time the Jews returned from Babylonia until today.

Once the Jews were ONLY in Israel, than mostly, than less. Once again, there are more Jews in this land than in any other in the world. We have been hounded and hunted, persecuted and pursued through centuries and continents. When we began returning in larger numbers, we could have lived with the small Arab population in peace, as we had lived for centuries in their countries and among Christians in Europe and elsewhere. We did not instigate the pogroms, the Crusades, the Inquisitions and the Holocaust.

And we did not instigate the conflict here in pre-Israel Palestine. During those years, the Palestinians were anyone who lived here - Jew or Arab. The Jerusalem Post, the only major English newspaper in Israel was originally called The Palestine Post. We fight a war we did not start, nor did we seek one.

My grandfather was born in Poland; his family had moved there from Spain. He moved to the United States...always seeking a better life, a safer one. His mother and his two sisters died in Auschwitz. He came to Israel once in his life and then promised to take me to Israel...he died before he could fulfill that promise, but my husband and I closed the circle, bringing our children to the only land that was, is, and will be theirs.

We have been fighting for 67 years simply to live in peace. We have been accused of being the aggressors, the occupiers, the conquerors.

Last week, a young Palestinian stabbed a 24 year old Jewish father of two, killing him. He stabbed the man's Jewish wife, who is 22 years old. She screamed for help and begged help her. They spat on her and told her to die. A Jewish man came running to help. He was stabbed and killed as well. A two year old child of the Jewish couple was shot in the leg before security forces arrived and killed the Palestinian terrorist.

A day later, a young Palestinian decided to kill Jews too. He stabbed a 15 year old boy...and was then killed by security forces.

President and Chief Liar of the Palestinian "Authority" - Mahmoud Abbas - held his silence about the murder of a young Jewish couple right before the eyes of their four children on Thursday; that he was silent about the murders of two fathers and the stabbing of a Jewish boy. As bad as it was that Abbas held his was made much worse by the fact that he PRAISED the killers and demanded that Israel be condemned.

And to make it worse, the idiot Secretary General of the UN bowed low before Abbas and condemned Israel. The farce that is the world boggles the mind. A mother and father are gunned down and you praise the killers? What the hell is wrong with these people?

And when Israelis began to protest the wave of terror and demand one of the strongest armies in the world be given the right and the power to defend them, Israel's left came out swinging. One woman in Raanana comfortably explained that she wasn't "a target" of Palestinians. One man suggested the protesters were "right-wing fascists."

Apparently whatever Abbas and Ban Ki-moon have is contagious. And so it could have been that Israel would have celebrated what is normally one of the happiest and best times of the year - a month filled with holidays and vacation and hiking and camping and relaxation, with anger and pain and frustration. That's what the Arabs wanted - now and in the past. It's why they attacked on Yom Kippur 32 years ago and why they often attempts terror attacks during this period.

So last week we mourned and struggled not to sink into so many emotions. We danced harder, sang louder and held our children just a bit tighter.

And then, a few days ago, Bon Jovi came to Israel and sang what he called "the fight song for Tel Aviv" - and by that, I think, he meant all of Israel. I guess I can confess - I have no musical talent, no singing ability. The songs I like are more about content than tune and I'd never heard a Bon Jovi song in my life.

That's probably embarrassing but well, the music in my life is the music of words. I hear music in what I read and sometimes what I write. This time, in the midst of such great sadness, this man came to Israel and sang...and Israel danced to his tune.

No, I don't think he wrote the song for Israel...but he's definitely right - we don't run!

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