Monday, October 26, 2015

Me...On TV? Wow...

So, I was interviewed on the Jewish Broadcasting Service. I thought it was to be a short interview, maybe 15-20 minutes about what it was like to live in Israel during these difficult times.

Scheduling was tough because of the time difference, but we worked it out and I got a call. A minute or two later, I heard music and then the calm voice of Mark Golub introducing the day's topic, and then me.

He made it so easy - he asked questions, commented, encouraged and in the end, suddenly almost an hour had gone by. I want to thank JBS and Mark for the love they show for Israel, the patience they showed in allowing me to speak. If I'd known the questions in advance, maybe I would have sounded smoother. I hate all the "ums" I hear in my voice as in my head I'm trying to think ahead, make sure I don't stumble into Hebrew.

If you have 52 minutes, I hope you'll enjoy the interview. It was, in many ways a bit of therapy for me - a chance to reach outside myself, outside my community and country to spread what is happening here. Too often, the media twists, forgets, ignores.

Thank you to Jewish Broadcasting Service (Shalom TV) and Mark Golub for giving me the time, showing the interest and support, and thanks also to my dear and talented friend Alan who helped coordinate the appearance.

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