Tuesday, October 13, 2015

One Attack at a Time

In the last few days, as Israel has been hit with a wave of terror, I've started to write many times and each time, was only able to capture a fraction of what is on my mind and in my heart. To some extent, feelings are so fleeting, despair so deep, that you realize you can't capture it and you give up. In each half-finished post (or less or more), there is an element I want to share...and then, I get to a point and realize I can't. I can't really explain. I have another thought and so am starting that post but rather than let all these go...I'm going to publish them as they are...unfinished, unedited...unsure. Here's one:

(P.S. You'll see this note above on several posts...when you don't see it, maybe I'll have figured out enough of what I feel to finish the thought completely...or maybe the terror will have ended. No, I have no faith in that happening any time soon.)

Unfinished Post # 1:

When you are a soldier's mother, you learn the concept of "one day at a time." It's a common enough idea, one that many people use. Dieting, addiction, coping with long-term, serious illnesses - I've often heard people involved/dealing with each of these situations who say the same thing - take it one day at a time. If you don't succeed in coping today, that shouldn't doom your chances tomorrow...one day.

I learned that with a son in the army - the future was too much to anticipate and so it was today. Today, he is fine; today, he's okay. Where they'll move him to tomorrow, what will happen tomorrow...that's a whole day away. No reason to worry today. The mind has an endless capacity to overcome all logic.

For the past few days, Israel has suffered more terror attacks than I can count. We will learn to cope, we will overcome. The how is the question. I've been here a long time, experienced this before...as many of my friends are new...I wanted to explain how it was compared to how it is and how we can and will survive this.

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