Saturday, October 24, 2015

One Month and Counting

In less than a month, David will become a soldier. I find it hard to explain what I'm feeling. We know the unit now. What color boots he will wear, what day he will go in.

He'll probably be home the first Shabbat and apparently most weekends during the initial training period. After having two sons go through the army, it would seem that it should feel less...less something.

I saw soldiers from his unit a bit over a week ago...and all I could do was think...I'm not ready. I'm honest with myself enough to know that I never will be.

At the request of one mother, I organized a group of parents of soldiers and last week we had our first meeting. It was amazing how many admitted to sleeping with their phones next to them. I even admitted to sleeping once holding my phone through a long night when I was waiting for a call after the Cast Lead war had just begun.

We went around the room and many stories, so many differences and yet, so so many things that are the same. The overwhelming love a parent has for a child, the fear, the pride, the's all there.

We haven't gone shopping yet...there's not really that much to buy before your son becomes a soldier. Some underwear, some undershirts, socks and maybe a strong backpack.

If Davidi is feeling nervous or anything, he isn't sharing that. He spends a lot of time with friends or alone, little time just hanging around downstairs. Some of his friends have already gone in, others will be going in the same time as him, and the final batch in a few months after.

I see many soldiers on a daily basis. It is becoming more and more real that in the coming weeks, Davidi will become one of month...I can't remember the last time I was this desperate for time to slow down...

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Netivotgirl said...

May Hashem watch over David along with all of our brave IDF boys. May He return him to your arms safely for visits and at the end of his service. All of us owe you and David a debt of gratitude for the sacrifice of his time and YOUR hours of worry over the coming years. May Hashem give you and all the other mothers the strength to get through this trying period when our soldiers are being targeted for terror attacks. Hugs my dear Paula to you and all IDF Moms.

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