Sunday, October 11, 2015

The End of Yemen's Jews

According to The Muqata News Agency (fancy term but well deserved for one of the fastest, most accurate news reporting groups around), "the government of Yemen has declared that all Jews remaining there must convert to Islam or be expelled. There are about 180 Jews still living there."

So first, this likely means another airlift...the last for Yemen's Israel, there are tens of thousands of Yemenite Jews living, thriving here. It's time for the last 180 to come home. A bigger question will be for the Jewish holy sites - the synagogues and cemeteries. I doubt we can bring this all to Israel, yet who will guarantee the safety of these places?

I want to say that I expect the world to scream out in anger. Forced conversion? What are we...back in the days of the Inquisition? The Crusades? And yet, clearly such barbaric tendencies still exist.

I want to demand that the United States worry about these 180 lives...

I want the United Nations to stop the world and rescue these people.

But in the end, somehow, some way, Israel will get them. I believe that with complete faith. There must be a plan somewhere, Bibi...bring them home. Bring them to safety.

Once, long ago, Israel flew planes to Yemen and told the Jews to get onboard. Many of them had never seen planes and so their rabbis told them - on the wings of eagles, God will rescue you...these are the eagles...

Please Bibi...please God, let the eagles fly. Bring. Them. Home.


NancyB said...

Beautifully stated - I love the way that you write Paula! Obama will do NOTHING - I am convinced of this. I wrote him a letter today about the very dire circumstances that the Yemeni Jews find themselves in. I highly doubt that he will ever even read it - not that it would impact him in any way. I nicely but directly told him that I do, personally, hold him responsible for evacuating them; as from the time that he took office in Jan. 2009 he was actively involved with President Ali Abdullah Saleh, in near daily drone strikes and eventually Obama was able to kill Anwar al-Awlaki; which was a very good thing. But Obama gravely miscalculated the amount of support and resources that he was now (in my mind) obligated & committed to supply so that not another, Muslim country would become a failed state. Obama's foreign policy has been an epically very dangerous failure in all spheres, imo. I pray that Bibi sends a plane for these people.

Obama has actually (and recently) DEPORTED Christians from Iraq who are being slaughtered there as they entered the US through the Mexican Border. Unbelievable. Then I read this article:

chicagoshneer said...

No, we are in the Days of Esav Rising. And they are.

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