Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Incompetent Terrorist of the Day Award

It's early here in Israel - but by a little after 8:00 a.m., we'd had our first terror attack and first neutralization - in this case, a double. A Soldier's Mother has decided to award special recognition to the men (and women) who are simply to stupid to even be a terrorist.
Yes, this is called "black humor" - it's what people feel when they can't laugh and they don't want to cry. So though it is early today, I am not sure this latest attack can be beaten for sheer blessed incompetence.'s ITOTD Award (Incompetent Terrorist of the Day) goes to two terrorists who thankfully failed THREE times...first they tried to get on a SCHOOL bus...thankfully, the driver closed the door; they tried ANOTHER bus...that driver also quickly shut the doors and drove off. By then, the police arrived, after being tipped off by a witness who was following and watching.

Some report they tried to get into a synagogue; others report the police shot the terrorists when they stabbed a young man getting on a bus. Either way, one Israeli wounded and taken to hospital; one terrorist is in negotiations for his 72 virgins (jokes on him) and one is wounded and being treated by MADA.

Huge hat tip to The Muqata for once again providing fast and accurate updates in English. (If everyone would follow them...I could probably retire from Facebook.)

May the rest of the day be blessed and quiet.

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