Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Praying for Israel's Injured

Hat tip to the Muqata for organizing this list.

I have simply taken their amazing work and organized it on a simple, downloadable PDF page for easy printing.

If you are Jewish and go to shul: Please consider printing this and taking it with you to synagogue on Shabbat and ask that these names be included among the prayers for the sick and injured in Israel.

If you are part of a tehillim group, also please consider taking this list and including it.

If you are not Jewish but believe in the power of prayer, please include these names - most were either stabbed, rammed, or shot by Arab terrorists. Obama would tell you that they are random victims; I will tell you that they are victims of terror...and the word terror and random never belong together.

To download the file for December 10, 2015, please click here.


Jeffrey Smith said...

Thank shul has been working off a list now a month old.

Anonymous said...

Downloaded, copied, and printed off. I have just prayed briefly for each person on the list, and the list is now tucked inside my (Christian) prayerbook for regular use in future, alongside a list I already have that contains the names of many of the poor girls from Chibok in Nigeria who were kidnapped by jihadis from Boko Haram.

A friend from Australia.

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