Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Missing Word

Two Muslims, a man and a woman, went into a public facility and began shooting. They were dressed in combat-style clothes, carried assault rifles, had a pipe bomb in their possession. They killed 14 people, injured at least 20 others and then ran. When the police caught up with them, they were killed in the gunfight that resulted.

To Muslims, they are shahids - martyrs, supposedly greeted by 72 virgins in heaven and Allah to greet them with riches and prizes. Actually, the 72 is not an accurate picture because apparently each of the 72 have 70 servants of which the terrorist may avail himself thus bringing the total number to over 5,000. And that isn't all, apparently the terrorist is also allowed to have 4 wives and each of those wives have servants and that lucky dead terrorist is allowed to have sex in heaven with all of them. Of course, there's no one here on earth to vouch for that and when called, apparently, the angels in heaven were too busy scouring each corner looking for candidates to fill all these jobs but never mind.

So, today there are two more dead Muslim terrorists; at least 14 more families in shock and mourning, and countless others suffering trauma and pain along with their families. A "mass shooting" is they way the media is portraying it. Mass shooting...indeed.

A relative of one of the terrorists spoke at the Council on American Islamic Relations and said he was "sad that people lost their lives"...but that's not really the correct phrase. They didn't lose their lives...their lives were taken from them, stolen intentionally. More, he is shocked "that something like this could happen." I can understand those words in relation to a flood, an earthquake, perhaps even a plane crash - but a terror attack doesn't just "happen." It was not random, it was not a work-related incident.

It was a terror attack and the failure of news agencies such as BBC, CNN, Sky News and Reuters is as blaring as the failure of the US government itself. Defining terrorism is not a difficult thing to do. When someone walks among innocent people with the intention of causing is terrorism.

When someone fires a missile at a city, begins stabbing people on the street, rams pedestrians waiting for a is terrorism.

When these attacks take place within the framework of someone's religion, when that religions encourages violence and terror, those attacks are terrorism.

When you deny that these attacks are terrorism in action, it is at that moment that you aid the terrorist and betray the victim. There were 14 people murdered yesterday in California. The couple that murdered them are dead, but the ideology that drove them to those terrible acts remains strong and highly amused that the US and the world's media refuse to recognize what drove the murderers to act. The missing word is terrorism. Islamic fundamentalist terrorism.


ProphetJoe said...

Amen. One news report supposedly interviewed a neighbor who thought there was "suspicious activity" at the terrorists' home, but the neighbor didn't say anything for fear of being labeled a racist.

There is certainly an anti-Muslim tone now throughout my FaceBook feed. That's unfortunate because I've seen some respected anti-terrorist experts claim that the radical Islamic Jihadists only account for about 3% of Muslims. I am hopeful that the overwhelming majority of Muslims are peace-loving humans who want to coexist, but even if that 3% is correct, there are 1.6 Billion Muslims, so we're talking about 46 Million Jihadists in the world -- to put that into perspective, 46 million Americans would be about 1 out of every 7 people in the country.

Batya Medad said...

Yes, Paula, and the American authorities still refuse to admit what is so obvious to all of us. Shiloh Musings: San Bernardino Terror Attack: "Curiouser and Curiouser"

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