Thursday, December 17, 2015

Why Today's Syrian Refugees are not Yesterday's Jews

Another amazing Guest Post by Rav Zev Shandalov, once again rejected by Times of Israel....

Why Today's Syrian Refugees are not Yesterday's Jews

Reports today inform us that President Obama, during a speech at a naturalization ceremony of 31 petitioners seeking United States Citizenship held at the National Archive in Washington DC, stated:

“In the Mexican immigrant today -- we see the Catholic immigrant of a century ago. In the Syrian seeking refuge today, we should see the Jewish refugee of World War II."

A few weeks ago, the mayor of New York City made a similar declaration. When speaking to Jewish-Syrian congregants at Shaare Zion in Brooklyn, Mayor De Blasio stated: “I know this community understands deeply the pain of any family that must leave a homeland they love because they were forced away by violence and discrimination,” and continued to urge Syrian Jews in Brooklyn to empathize with refugees fleeing war-torn Syria en masse.

I contacted Mayor De Blasio, and now I find myself in the same position regarding President Obama.

Mr President, there is absolutely no comparison that can be made between these two forms of refugees, and any attempt to conflate the two is a travesty and demonstrates a lack of knowledge of history.

Jews were refugees because they committed the offense of being Jewish. They fled because they needed to save their lives. Not one of the Jewish refugees who left Poland, Hungary, Germany or any other country, had committed any atrocities before fleeing. None of them had sworn to destroy the United States, Great Britain or Canada. None of them were KNOWN terrorists. They fled to save their lives and only to save their lives. There was no hidden agenda; nor were they trying to infiltrate (what to them was) an enemy country.

On the other hand, a percentage of those who have fled Syria and other countries are KNOWN terrorists (on watch lists); have committed atrocities in their home countries; have called for the destruction of Western civilization and other nefarious goals. Many states in the USA have voted to ban the entry of any of these refugees citing the attacks in Paris as reason enough. The vast majority with those with their heads screwed on right have agreed that we are looking at potential Trojan Horse invasion that will potentially put millions of peoples’ lives at risk.

I urge you to recant such a thoughtless and senseless statement. Please do not compare the plight of the Jews after WWII to the issues surrounding today's refugees. Yes, indeed there are legitimate refugees fleeing Syria and other countries. However, as stated above, the entire path, story and goals of the two groups is quite different.

Mr President, I am sure you are an avid reader of Times of Israel so you may feel free to comment below in the comment section.


Note from A Soldier's Mother: Obviously, you cannot leave a comment on the Times of Israel site...because they rejected this post as being "incendiary". I guess in the minds of the Times of Israel editors, the only people allowed to blow things up are Muslims. However, please feel free to share this and leave a comment below.

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Elise Ronan said...

I would also but more importantly point out that there are 56 Moslem countries that can take-in their fellow Moslems, especially the uber wealthy Gulf States-so far they have taken none. So the refugees from Syria if they were treated properly by their fellows should have many choices of where to go, but they do not because of the fecklessness of their fellows in the Religion of Peace.

Meanwhile, the Jews who had been targeted for genocide had no place to run to, no country would take them and there was no Israel to help them. The Haganah, Irgun and even the Stern Gang did what they could to save as many Jews as they could in the face of world indifference and even callousness. Remember even the US lowered the number of Jews they allowed into the country prior to WW2.

Meanwhile the great irony here is that the Yazidi and Christian communities in MENA who have been marked for genocide by the Islamic State are not being allowed into the US. All of those given refugee status fro the area so far are Moslem.

So no, there is no comparison on any level.

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