Sunday, January 31, 2016

Stealing Time

I stole time again...not as much as I would have liked, but a couple of hours. We have this thing...we had a car that was totaled before it reached 10,000 kilometers...a man decided that he could make it through the light before it changed to red...then he decided no one would notice that he went through just as it turned red...then, missing even that, I have no idea what was in his mind.

All I know is that he ran the light and smashed full force into my car, destroying the front and rear door on the right side, sending the car flying sideways across three lanes of traffic. It crashed into one pole and completely knocked it down...then it kept going and, as it began to roll, just that first instant, it hit a second, very thick pole - thankfully between the rear door on the driver's side and the back side panel near the trunk of the car. The car then flew about 2 meters in the opposite direction from the power of the impact to the driver's side and came to rest...back on top of the first pole it had knocked down (you can read about it and see pictures here).

The car was barely 2 months old...less than 7,000 km. and so when we replaced the car, each 10,000 km. becomes a milestone. And it's fun to be the person who gets it. Davidi has hit a bunch of them...I was the one driving when it turned hit 40,000...and when Davidi came home on Friday, we were 20+ kilometers away from 41,000. So I asked him if he wanted to take a drive with me to the Dead Sea.

I decided to join a "photography" group - and each week they give you an assignment that you have to do. This week, it is "from above" and so I thought of taking a picture of the lowest place on earth...

We didn't quite get there, but we had a nice time and got some great pictures. I'm not sure which one to enter in the group...but here are a few of them. Mostly, though, what I loved was the stealing is too short not to steal time. Sometimes, you have to work harder to enable this - I cooked more on Thursday in anticipation; got up early Friday morning, and gratefully passed some things on to Elie and Lauren to finish.

Time well spent...time well stolen! Steal time!


Anonymous said...

What happened to the driver of your totaled car? Was it you? Hairraising story/experience...
Best wishes from a faithful lurker

A Soldier's Mother said...

The other driver, as far as I know, was fine. I was the one stopped at the red light. When it turned green, I started to go and suddenly something smashed into the side of my car, a bit behind my line of vision. I felt the boom to my right...a few seconds later...felt the boom to my left. I don't remember hitting the air bags - all the side airbags blew. Thankfully, the front one didn't blow so I wasn't hurt, other than a really nasty bruise along the line where the seat belt held me firmly in place. I was bruised - xrays in the hospital showed no internal bleeding, and I was released after about 12 hours of tests and observation (where they did very little observing :-) ).

I believe the other driver probably lost his license for 6 months; probably had to pay a fine. His insurance company paid for my car and because we had bought the special "add on" insurance for 300 shekels, I got a brand new car - and because it was our "second" car inside of three months, the Mitsubishi dealer threw in a few more options as a gift.

And yes, it was an unbelievable experience. You can see the pictures and read about it here:

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