Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Irony of the Day

Today is January 3, 2016 - this morning, Elie left for a week of Reserve duty with his unit. They are going to kill me (but they probably know I'm going to do this...though I wasn't sure myself, but I's a picture I begged them to let me take this morning...two of my three soldiers - both in uniform heading to two different bases. Elie gave David a ride part of the way).

Two different uniforms. David is a new soldier and so must wear the "dress uniform" with the white t-shirt. Elie is in the Reserves and so is wearing the "work" uniform that Davidi will change into once he gets to base. Elie's is more comfortable...and wrinkled.

They are both not wearing a coat. Apparently, David's commanding officer agrees with me. He ordered David to wear the army coat...and he he can't get into trouble...just not all the time...hopefully.

Anyway, Elie left for Reserve duty. He told his young daughter that he was going to "miluim" - she says the word. If you ask her where her Abba is, she will say "miluim." My youngest daughter asked when he would be back and and then asked if little Michali understands that he won't be back for almost a week. No, I answered, and don't tell her. She won't understand but she would get upset.

Anyway...back to the point...

Today, Elie went to Reserve Duty. Exactly seven years ago today...he went to war...or perhaps more accurately, war came to him.
According to YNET:
For the first time since the operation in Gaza got underway, IDF artillery cannons started to shell targets in the Strip.
IDF artillery cannons began pounding the eastern sector of the Gaza Strip around 4 pm Saturday. Ynet correspondent Ron Ben-Yishai reported that portable artillery batteries are engaging in a heavy bombardment of the area.
This is the first time in three years that the IDF has fired artillery shells at Gaza targets. Most shells are landing in what the Palestinians characterize as the "security zone" adjacent to the Gaza Strip fence. The IDF is targeting rocket launching sites in Jabaliya, Khan Younis, and Beit Hanoun.
Palestinian witnesses said the barrage caused a large explosion in Gaza City. There was no immediate word of casualties.
Meanwhile, Air Force aircraft continued to drop leaflets in Gaza, calling on residents to leave their homes in order to avoid injury. The leaflets dropped Saturday read: "Area resident, as result of the acts undertaken by terror activists in your area against Israel, the IDF is forced to respond immediately and operate in this area. For your own safety, you are asked to leave the area immediately."
The Air Force targeted more than 40 sites in Gaza Saturday, including a launching site used for firing rockets on the southern city of Ashdod. A training facility and underground tunnel were also attacked. Overall, the Air Force struck more than 800 targets since the Gaza operation got underway.
IDF officials say that the aerial assaults on Gaza have achieved their objectives and were planned to cause Hamas significant damage by targeting terror infrastructure and senior figures. 
The day before, knowing that moment would come, I had posted one of my favorite posts. It was, I think, the moment I realized life was not normal and all attempts to make it so were silly.

Scatterbrained...Just Scatterbrained 

Life in Israel right now isn't very normal, though we are fighting very hard to make it as normal as possible. Almost daily, there are terror attacks. On Friday, an Arab went into a supermarket with a backpack and pretended to shop...only later did anyone realize he was waiting. Waiting until there were more people on the street...perhaps waiting believing he was about to die. At the entrance to the supermarket, he put his backpack on a shopping cart...took out his gun...and began to fire.

This is why Elie and David went to the army today; this is why Elie went to war seven years ago. I hoped and prayed that it would not turn into did. Four years later, I prayed again that we would not go to war again...we did, he did. Two years later, I again prayed...Israel went to war, but that time, Elie was not called up.

Now, I wonder when the next war will be...and if one of my sons will be called up...and perhaps as horrible as that thought is, the thought that two or three would be called up is even more devastating. I thought of that this morning when I took the picture of the two...I can't imagine three would ever be called up at the same time...except...except...except.

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