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Guest Blog - Open Your Eyes - by Hillel Fuld

This is a guest blog from a friend. Most of his life is dedicated to his family (he always puts them first) and to promoting, supporting, advising, and living the amazing world of Israeli innovation and hi-tech. He blogs, he tweets, he google pluses technology. He snapcasts and now he ZULAs about Israel.

Sometimes I long for him to say what I know is in his heart and in his head but he knows that people listen to him because they want to know about the latest brilliance...but every once in a while...he gives in to that inner voice and lets it loose. Not too much to change the image of him as a shaker, a mover, a man at the forefront of what Israel is developing, but enough to remind us that even in the real world of science, technology, amazing medical breakthroughs in research, devices that charm us and heal us and make life more efficient or even just more fun...there is another reality happening here in Israel.

This morning, Hillel "slipped" - and he's allowed me to share this message here.

Open Your Eyes
by: Hillel Fuld

Don't you just love when you have one of your longest lasting questions about life answered?

Growing up and studying the Torah, many things baffled me but one thing I never understood was how the Jewish people, after experiencing blatant miracles in Egypt, like the splitting of a freaking sea, still doubted God and his existence.

The question didn't end there, that was only the beginning. Throughout the generations, when I look at how we behaved, how we reacted to events, positive ones or negative ones, like our inability to read the writing on the wall, I always wondered how we, we as in our nation, could be so blind.

Then I examine our current situation, both internally in Israel and globally in the U.S, UN, EU, etc and I realize it is happening again, our blindness. How are we not seeing the miracles unfold before our eyes?!

I am not sure if "miracles" is the right word, but let's call it divine intervention. How is there a single person in this country that doesn't see how clearly there is someone running the show here and it ain't Mr. Obama.

Since I mentioned him, let's start there. The leader of the free world signing treaties with the world's great supporter of terror. Mr. Obama claims to have our back, normal intelligent people claim he has our back, then he transfers hundreds of billions of dollars to a regime that launches missiles with the words "Israel must be wiped out" painted on them. And no one thinks this is strange? Not a word from Obama and no one thinks this is strange? Not a word uttered by the free world, the ones who "have our back" and no one thinks this is strange?

Let's talk about Israel. A microscopic country the world is obsessed with, but literally obsessed, that is surrounded in all directions by blood thirsty enemies who live for our death. And yet, we are here. We are here and we are flourishing. We are flourishing and we have built a technology superpower.

They are trying to kill us with knives, axes, machine guns, and screwdrivers, and as a whole, with few horrible exceptions, exceptions that are gut wrenching, but as a whole, we are surviving and they are not. Open your eyes!! Blatant freakin miracles!!

Rockets! We left Gaza. Not a Jew in Gaza. Tens of thousands of rockets raining on our heads and not one single politician got up and said "I'm sorry. I was wrong. We shouldn't have handed over Gaza to a people that democratically elect a group like Hamas. I don't know what I was thinking." Not one. Any logic!? No! Someone is running the show.

Obama and Bibi. Netanyahu, like him or not, is running the only democratic forward thinking, freedom supporting regime in the whole region. We have insane leaders here, in case you didn't notice. And what is Obama and the global community obsessed with? What are they calling an obstacle to peace? Whether or not Bibi notified the White House he couldn't make the meeting with Obama. And not only the global community. Normal rational people are discussing this too!! Have you seen what's going on in Syria?? But sure, let's discuss whether Bibi spoke to Obama in a condescending tone. Someone else is running the show. It ain't logic!

Let's talk about the elephant in the room. This thing we like to call Palestinians. Is there really no logic and reason left in the world? Is the divine intervention so strong that people can literally not see clearly anymore? Reminds me of our history once again.

We occupied their land. There is no history book in the world that'll show you an Arab Palestinian country ever existed but forget history, let's talk peace. Ok. Show me one of their leaders, one that has any sort of significance that says he or she wants peace.

Show me one that says Israel has a right to exist. This is what we're talking about, this is how low we've gone. We are supposed to make peace when the other side cannot utter the words "you have a right to exist." Again, rational Intelligent people are still discussing this "two state solution" silliness.

Can someone open their eyes for a second?? How can you offer a two state solution when one side of the equation does not think the other has a right to exist??

"No, they don't mean it when they promote terror to their kids and call their terrorists martyrs, this is the 'occupation' talking."

Is there any logic left? The rules of physics are that if you are claiming that A is the exclusive cause of B, then without A, there is no B!

Was there terror before 1967?? Before the so called occupation?? Answer the question. Were Arabs massacring Jews in Hebron in 1929 before there was even a state?? There was. Therefore A is not the cause of B. We done with that lie now??

No? Is there occupation in Gaza? We left. Is there terror from Gaza? Yes.

We done yet? No? Someone else is running the show and hardening our hearts.

Not convinced? The liberal world, the ones who are obsessed with human rights, equality, and freedom are literally the same ones spewing antisemitic slogans the likes of which we haven't seen since 1930's in Germany. It is not subtle anymore, it is blatant and it is everywhere and again, intelligent people, some of our very own, cannot see the writing on the wall! Again! Someone else is running the show...

The press... Murderous people with knives trying to kill women and children in the streets and the press is silent, deafening silence! When the murderous terrorist is eliminated, the press rooms spring into action. "Three Palestinian terrorists killed in three different occasions". You've seen the headlines. Not misleading. Not misrepresenting. Downright incitement and lies. And the world? The global community in the face of these lies? Blind and silent. Someone else is running the show.

Listen folks, I can go on for hours. There is no logic left, it is all gone. It is all blatantly part of a bigger plan being put in place and we are all so obviously blind to it.

My question has been answered. We are a stubborn people that doesn't like to see things as they are. We always were. But you know what? Good thing for us, that never stopped Him from taking us out of Egypt, it never stopped us from surviving the pogroms, the inquisition, the Holocaust and countless other attempts to annihilate us. We win every time.

I'll just say one thing. We can continue to close our eyes to the insanity of this conflict but I, for one, prefer a state of Israel the world hates then an Auschwitz the world is silent about.

They can continue to obsess over our "Apartheid state" and we will continue to innovate.

They can continue to obsess over our "Executions of Palestinians" and we will continue to defend ourselves. Because, now for the first time, we can!

They can continue to pour money into barbaric regimes that want our destruction then call themselves allies, and we will continue to come out victorious.

The only thing we have to do is open our eyes and watch history unfold as our enemies banish and the Jews stand strong. Once again.

No logic. No reason. No explanation. Downright miracles.

He is splitting the sea for us again.

Open your eyes!!

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