Tuesday, March 8, 2016

International Business Times Reports Three Palestinians Shot Dead

The International Business Times, whoever the heck they are, reports that three Palestinians were shot dead today in Israel, just as US Vice President Joe Biden arrives for talks. You can't make this stuff up, at least I can't. My brain doesn't work that way. I guess the good news for the IBT is that Priyanka Mogul's brain does work that way. I mean, if you think that's a good thing. I don't.

I think she's an idiot...no. I mean, I'm sure she's not but after the day we've had in Israel, that's the best term I can come up with. Allow me, please, to explain. In a technical way, Mogul's right.

Three Palestinians were indeed shot and killed today (in fact, three were shot and another was stabbed to death so maybe she should have written four dead). Allow me to explain, please.

The first to die was a Palestinian woman, about 50 years of age. She made one major mistake. She got very close to an Israeli border guard...no, no, he didn't shoot her.

She attempted to stab HIM...and police standing nearby saw what she was doing and shot her before she could injure the guard. Now, one could say he was armed...but then again, so was she. So, she's dead...that makes one.

The next to die was the Arab that was stabbed. The one that good old Mogul missed in her report. No wait, she did report that a Palestinian died in Petach Tikvah so what that means is she just got her information wrong...one of many inaccurate points (we call them lies). The Arab was indeed stabbed to death and, to be honest here, he was stabbed with his own knife.

The knife was brought to the scene by the Palestinian who stuck it into the neck of a Jewish man. Here in Israel, we call that a stabbing attack or a terrorist attack - you choose. The man pulled the knife out of his neck and rushed at the terrorist and stabbed him to death, thereby saving the lives of other people in the store. We call that heroism here in Israel. Mogul says the Palestinian police was shot and killed. She's wrong.

The next to die was a Palestinian in Jerusalem. Here Mogul does admit that the Palestinian opened fire on Israeli police. She doesn't bother mentioning that two policemen were shot and critically wounded. She then says police chased the terrorist...oh, she doesn't call him that, for goodness' sake. Happy to report all of this with certainty it happened, suddenly Mogul introduces her prejudice. She says he opened fire on police and then ran. But moments before he was shot and killed, Mogul says "it is alleged that the attacker continued to fire at police." Did she miss the video (seriously) where you can HEAR gunshots...or are all of those coming from the police? Never mind, the point is the headlines says three Palestinians were shot dead. One tried to attack a border guard in Jerusalem, one stabbed a civilian and was stabbed (we'll get to the third one that was shot in a second), and one was shot in Jerusalem after firing at police and critically wounding two.

The fourth Palestinian to die was also shot by Israeli police...after he stabbed 10 people, killing one (an American tourist) and wounding 10 others, including four who are in critical condition. The rampage only stopped after the Palestinian was shot.

So, you have four dead Palestinians:
  • One tried to stab a border guard
  • One shot two policemen
  • One stabbed a man in the neck
  • One stabbed at least 10 people, killing one
All told, one Israeli was murdered today, four others are in serious condition, more than a dozen wounded...and the only headlines this idiot reporter could come up with is "Three Palestinians shot dead." 

What was shot dead today was the integrity of the International Business Times.

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J.Niclas W. said...

Paula R.Stern ....
Plain speaking, right to the point and brutally honest .... -I loved it and You, plus all of us - all Am Yisra`el !
We`re living in times when we got to bear the unbearable and remember that HaShem sees us and our plight, he will see to it that this too shall pass.
We can`t lose hope and our fortitude, plus conviction that we`re in the right and that we will come out of this triumphant and victorious in the end !
The leftist western press will, sooner or later be forced to see the reality for what it is, rather than what THEY want it to be like .....
Blessings and warm hugs to yourself and your near and dear ones, ;)
Judah N. Wenkel.

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