Monday, March 7, 2016

Mother Moments

You live for them. You really do...

Aliza called a short time ago. She has a chance to do a bit of revenge against someone who hurt her deeply. No one will even recognize the slight for what it is, except the person on the other end. She isn't doing anything wrong. Several others are likely to do the same thing during the course of the event but when she does it, it is likely that the person will understand Aliza's reasons.

I told her not to do it; to leave it to God to balance the accounts in life. And yet, I understand her reasoning. Years ago, I was in Poland. The organizers brought the Deputy Mayor of Lodz to speak to the group. I told the organizers that while I understood their reasoning, I would not stay in the room to listen. "The Jews are all gone now; all murdered or survived and moved on. I owe him nothing, not my time, not my attention." The organizers agreed and were grateful that I simply planned to leave the room before the mayor started to speak.

About 15 minutes later, Amira came out. She had done what I promised myself not to do - she listened and then, justifiably disgusted, she got up and walked out. Aliza may well do the same today. When Amira walked out and I heard what she had done, I simply gave her a kiss and told her that I loved her. I did pretty much the same thing with Aliza just now. "No matter what you do, I love you," I told her. "But let God make the accounting, if you can."

Then, a few minutes ago, David called. He's on base this week largely doing guard duty. He still has the brownies I sent him. He's sleeping in a tent at night; food is fine. He's fine. That's what life is all about...these moments when you touch your children and they touch you. As they get older, they begin to have their own lives. I'm in the sandwich generation now - with parents who miss me and want me to be in touch with them, who need these "mother moments" as much as I need mine...and children who are busy doing what they have to do - school, army, jobs, families.

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