Wednesday, March 9, 2016

That's the Second Time

We're making plans for this weekend. Amira broke her ankle a few weeks ago and so this week we'll be eating at her house. Years and years ago, we adopted a lone soldier and he became like a son...became a son to us. A couple of years later, he told us that his brother was coming and so we claimed his brother as a son too. Then, a few years later, their sisters moved to Israel and we claimed them as well.

They have amazing parents back in the States...and here in Israel, we do the best we can to be there if they need something...and they are there for us as well. So, having not seen them in a while, I did a motherly thing and invited ourselves over...if it helps, I'll bring some food along!

Two weekends ago, David told us that he would not be coming home for the next two weekends. Then last week, I was so happy to hear plans had changed and he would be home. When he left Sunday morning, I knew he would be in the army this weekend...but then, a few days ago, he told me there was a chance that he'd be home.

Just now, he told me that he wasn't coming out of the army after all. And the army got me again! I was so sure I'd learned - never count on anything until it happens...but I was so hoping. Worse, I told David about the plans for this weekend and he responded, "that's the second time you went to Mera's house with Chaim when I couldn't come."

And there, in a nutshell, is the truth of serving your isn't easy to be on the outside, to know that life is happening and you are missing out. For the most part, the army is pretty good about letting the boys go home when there's something important happening. The exceptions to this rule are usually when you are in the first months of training, as David is now, and when there's an emergency situation.

I felt so bad when I heard the words, "that's the second time" - he knows I didn't plan it; he knows we desperately wish he was coming home. And he knows that there will be things he will miss along the way. Doesn't make it any easier, his knowing...

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