Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Depressing Image

 I love Google. It tells you, shows you, everything you want to know...or nearly everything. And it helps you, more than you can imagine. So you search for something. I wanted a picture of the bus bombing in Jerusalem a two days ago.

And so I typed in "jerusalem bus bombing" and even before I finished, my attention was diverted. It didn't even get to 2016. It listed five others, but really, each listing can represent a single terror attack or, in most cases, many bus bombings not just one.

Then I thought of something...what if I just typed "Jerusalem bus" and so I did. And while the Google search didn't return a whole list of years in which Arab terrorists blew up buses, it was still the top return.

Is the whole world like this? No, not at all.

 Search for New York bus, Brussels bus, London bus, even Istanbul bus and you get what you'd expect to get - maps, tours, stations...

But search for Jerusalem bus and Jerusalem bus bombing comes right there.

Yes, it could be because we just had one, our first in thankfully a relatively long time, but it is still disheartening, especially given the absurd response this horrible attack had on the international media. Oh, they were quick to report the bus fire. After all, the pictures were quite dramatic. They even reported that 21 people were injured.

The only thing they forgot to mention, forgot being a euphemism here for a much more sinister reality, is that it was, indeed a bombing and so, for that at least, I thank Google.

Now, the reality is that I likely caused these results myself by doing previous searches but I searched for Istanbul bus bombings and that didn't change the results, so who knows...

And then, despite the depressing search results, I changed the outcome to pictures and got these offerings...yes, it's a sad time in Israel. For those of us who lived here when buses were exploding pretty much every week, it's a time when we cringe and pray it isn't happening again. We're hoping the knife and rock and ramming intifada doesn't turn into the explosions intifada as it was back then.

So, mission accomplished - I found more pictures than I needed...and a bit of depression as well.

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