Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Haaretz Gets it Wrong Again - The Cook Poisoned the Truth

Just when you think people might actually be opening their minds to the truth of what happened, along comes Haaretz's Carol Cook, apparently their "token" soldier's mother who claims she has three sons who served in the IDF. OMG, I wish I knew if even one of them actually served in a combat unit because my current guess is either kitchen duty, bathroom cleanup, or mopping the halls.

Her latest article, apparently one in a long string of virulently anti-Israel posts, is entitled, "No, the Israeli Soldier who Executed a Palestinian is Not My Son."

I'll admit that my first thought when reading this was actually not something publishable...well, except as a headlines for a The Times of Israel blog post. My second thought, as the red haze over this woman's inaccuracies and insensitive rambling began to fade was that the soldier, all soldiers of Israel, are probably blessed not to have a woman such as this as their mother.

My children have been raised to know that I will cross oceans for them, or at least drive across the city when they burn their hand and they are afraid. They know I will drop everything and drive hours to get them simply because they need me. Being a mother is, Ms Cook, about loving your child and offering him support while the facts become known. It is not being the first to throw him in the street, start up the car and run over him as many times as you can.

From what I can see, this woman epitomizes nothing even close to motherhood and little related to being a journalist. Israeli courts have already released enough information to confirm that the army isn't charging the soldier with murder. Thus her claim that the soldier "executed" the Palestinian is libelous and I hope the family of this boy will sue her for every penny she has.

She writes that she feels compelled to write because "otherwise I won't be able to continue living with myself in this country." Please, if you need a ride to the airport, I will either take you myself or hire a cab. Hell, I'll probably hire a limousine if you promise not to come back. Left wing people love to claim they can't live with themselves and they're afraid of where our society is going and oh, heavens (not that they believe in heaven), what will become of our eternal souls?

I assure you, our souls are fine and luckily, because we are ever vigilant, we're doing okay physically too, thank you very much. And each time our sons and daughters leave, we warn them to be careful, not to take chances because yes, if someone is going to try to murder you, you SHOULD try to kill them first. The Jew of the ghetto that took the punch in hopes the next one wouldn't be so bad doesn't live in this neighborhood, in fact, he doesn't really live at all because the next punch was worse, always worse.

Carol Cook feels she has to urge "all the mothers who are horrified by this to stand up and shriek." Luckily, assuming that there are as many left wing male fanatics in this country as left wing female fanatics, that population would rate at less than 2.5% of the country (and most of those are probably journalists and people contemplating leaving the country anyway)... so our eardrums, at least, are safe from her vicious diatribes and shrieks.

Then she shouts out "This is not my son." Well, lady, I agree. He's not your son but he is mine. You say you sent your sons to the army "all three of them." Well, guess what, I didn't send my sons - they went. They CHOSE to serve. More, they chose to go into combat units. I would guess if your sons had served in combat units, they would be trying to change their names now and hope no one recognized their connection to you. It's a different world when you actually have to face a terrorist who might have a bomb strapped to his body and you only have seconds to decide what to do.

And then, Cook does what you'd expect of a Haaretz journalist. She crosses the line from hysterical to fanatical, from sticking to the facts, to trying to invent them: "we do not want our sons to shoot a wounded man lying bleeding on the sidewalk."

Good to know, but just to be clear, first, the Arab wasn't lying on the sidewalk - he was actually lying in the street, where he'd been shot after stabbing an Israeli soldier. Yeah, minor point and who cares where he was lying but the job of a journalist is to tell the facts, even the minute ones, not make them up to suit her political agenda.

Second, besides the location problem, you got the subject wrong too. The soldier didn't shoot "a wounded man" - that person lying on the street gave up his right to be called just a "wounded man" the minute he stuck a knife into one of our soldiers. From that moment, we refer to him as a terrorist, even if...especially if...it offends your left-wing sensitivities.

Then, this Cook lady figures her article is too short and she doesn't actually want to discuss the facts of the case because other than the initial silent video released by her fanatical friends at B'tselem, the evidence has almost completely been in the soldier's favor...so how's she going to finish her word count?

Oh, here we go. let's talk about a terror attack in Jerusalem in which "two teenaged Palestinian girls" attacked and stabbed an elderly Arab man (by mistake thinking he was a Jew). See, now, the minute those "girls" took a weapon in their hands and attacked someone, they became terrorists. But calling them terrorists would ruin Cook's whole day, as would the point that those "girls" then attempted to attack two men who stepped forward to stop them.

One was a policeman, trained during his army career in dismantling bombs. Oh, Cook doesn't mention that, but I thought I'd add it here. The trained policeman realized that while he was trying to disarm one of the "girls," the other was trying to stab a civilian and so he quickly shot the one he was dealing with, pivoted and shot the second Arab female terrorist who was dancing with scissors (what looked like a knife and again, had already been used to stab someone), and then pivoted back to shoot the first little terrorist girl again.

Cook mistakenly claims...no, it isn't actually a mistake but more likely a deliberate attempt to blur  and slur the truth, that all the police did was question the policeman. "That was all," she writes. Clearly, she is distressed that after investigating, the police deemed it feasible that in the heat of battle, the armed guard, who had done his army training as a bomb detector expert, was concerned about a potential explosives belt...similar to our soldier in Hebron. No, it seems Cook wouldn't be satisfied unless we took the policeman out and whipped him in public, as might happen in the Ar
ab culture she so clearly prefers to ours.

Cook's article is indeed worthy of being published in Haaretz, after all, is there another media site in Israel willing to publish such nonsense? I won't waste your time or mine answering Cook's other ridiculous statements. I will tell you that I'll close by responding to her last comments:

"Where are you, mothers of soldiers? Isn’t it time to break your silence?"

Silence? Are you kidding me? We mothers have not been silent! We have taken to the streets to protest - FOR OUR SON, the soldier.

We have written articles and posted all over Facebook. If you are hearing only silence for your misguided position, it is because Israel sees through your pathetic attempt to promote your anti-Israel agenda this time.

We are united, the nation of Israel, behind our sons and daughters. That young man IS our son, you, however, are correct. You are not his mother. You are not a soldier's mother even if...IF...IF your sons served this country...in whatever it is they did.

You really are pathetic, Ms Cook, because despite your attempt to "mobilize" mothers, you recognize that no one agrees with you.  You write that "when hearings on the case have to be moved to a larger venue to accommodate hundreds of supporters; when the social media explodes in solidarity with him" ...well, there you go. Mothers (and fathers) aren't being silent. It's time that YOU understand... mothers of Israel stand with our sons, even if the Prime Minister didn't, even if the Defense Minister didn't, even if the Chief of Staff didn't and even if the chief idiots at Haaretz didn't.

We support our soldier because we understand that what he did was neutralize...oh yes, neutralize a terrorist who, even the platoon commander now admits was NOT neutralized. Even the battalion commander admits he was concerned about the terrorist when he heard the medic cry out that the terrorist was moving and might have a bomb. In short, Ms Cook, your attempt to poison Israel has failed. The truth is coming out...leaving you to look, once again, like a fool.

You'd think Cook would get tired of it but no, she is nothing if not a faithfully ignorant and lost soul forever searching for non-existent unicorn.


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