Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Keeping Him Up to Date

The holiday of Passover (Pesach) is coming very soon. It's a major holiday preceded by major cleaning and organizing. I haven't been feeling well for a few weeks...a second bout of pneumonia in one winter, laryngitis...on and on...and the house has gotten away from me. What little energy I had was spent trying to keep up with work.

So now I'm focusing on claiming back the house...

David is in the army - he's been home for the last few weekends and he'll be home this one as well. It's somehow easier to send him off...knowing I'll see him again at week's end. After this weekend, it'll be two weeks before he is home. We won't have him at our Seder...and that's hard for me. First time in 20 years, his entire life, we won't have him home.

And as the week drags by and I'm organizing and cleaning, I send him pictures. First of his niece, hiding under pillows...then a video of her kicking them off. Then a video of the bookcase that I moved out of one room to another place...and soon, the cleaned out and empty small refrigerator.

As I send him pictures that he hasn't even seen yet because he is, apparently, once again without his phone...I realize it's my way of sharing what is happening here. Letting him know that I'm thinking of him.

It's been five months since he entered the army. He's in the advanced training segment now...so we'll take this as another test, another thing we have to get through...

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