Monday, April 18, 2016

Today, In My Little Country

In my little country today, a bus exploded and 15 people were injured. Some seriously. Some moderately. Some lightly. People began calling right away - a son to check on everyone here; my mother to check as well. 

It's what you do...first you worry about your family...and then you realize that even if you are blessed - that your family is fine...there are families now rushing to the hospital, rushing to call others, waiting to speak with doctors, praying...praying...making deals with God and with themselves.

At first police hesitated and now it has been confirmed - in my little country, our enemies intentionally exploded a civilian bus, intentionally targeted innocent passengers heading home from work, from shopping. In my little country, again we mourn. 

We mourn and we yearn for a day when our enemies will choose to talk instead of kill. There is no justification for what was done today. It is not about the occupation, it is not about economic hardships. It always will be about hatred. So long as they hate us enough to kill...even the most innocent among us...there will be no peace.

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