Thursday, May 5, 2016

In My Little Country Today - May 5, 2016

Today, in my little country, we cried buckets; we examined a wound that will never heal, exposed it to the world and watched it bleed again. We stood at attention for 2 minutes as air raid sirens wailed from mountain to mountain, across the cities, through the valleys. It reached into the depths of our souls as cars quickly pulled to the side of the road and people stood in silence, left to meditate, to pray, to think, perhaps only to feel.

Without question, the biggest "story" in my country today was remembering the Holocaust, but there were other stories - unconnected and yet entirely part of the larger story. In several places, rocks were thrown at buses and cars. And one other thing happened...several times.

Yesterday, in my little country, Arabs fired five mortars at soldiers near the Gaza border. Today, again, they fired five more into our country and Israel discovered another tunnel that has been dug under the border and into our land.

It's very tense here in my country as we try to figure out whether this was once again Hamas stretching its arms and having a little "fun" or whether this is the beginning of the next escalation and war.

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Mr. Cohen said...


“If we are serious about peace in the Middle East, then we need to stop pretending that the Israelis are dealing with a rational enemy they can negotiate with; because in doing that, we are helping to feed a massive political lie whose gravitational force has become so great, it has warped reality. It is Hamas who has turned Gaza into a war-zone recently, not Israel…”

Peace in the Middle East by Pat Condell, 2012 November 25

Pat Condell is an atheist, who was born in Ireland around 1950 CE, and raised in England as a Roman Catholic, and educated in Church of England schools. He has no Jewish ancestors and no religious beliefs that might cause him to favor Jews.

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