Tuesday, May 31, 2016

It's Time to Kill Muslims

Now that I've got your attention - and no, I don't do this often...but if the title is enough to make you wonder if I've lost my mind and what the heck I'm talking about, that's good. That means you know me enough to know that I DON'T talk that way...but there are those who do, every day and yet Bernie Sanders wants Americans to consider and support these people...support their leaders who are saying this, in any event - their religious leaders, their political leaders.

This is what they say...only for them, it isn't a message about killing Muslims, which you correctly would find abhorrent, but about killing Israel and Jews, which amazingly enough, too many people do not.

So - if I've got your attention by calling for the murder of innocent Muslims the world over, please now watch this video...because it is the same thing no matter what innocent person, religion, country, race is targeted...

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