Thursday, May 5, 2016

Where are you now?

Life in Israel is interesting... I've got a 16 year old traveling home from school on a public bus on a road that is often attacked. We've been blessed, so very blessed, that she's never been on a bus that was hit. She's come up at least twice to the site where terrorist has just rammed soldiers or people waiting for a bus. Other than the ambulance, thankfully, she hasn't been subjected to seeing horrific sights that would haunt her. My phone beeped.

Once again, rocks have been thrown at a bus on the same road. I'm worried...even knowing from the message that everyone is fine doesn't mean someone is not scared and so not wanting to scare my daughter but wanting to know if all is fine on her bus, I write to her, "How's it going? Where are you now?"

Her trip takes her about two hours, taking one bus to Jerusalem and then another to our city. She answers right away, "Somewhere on a bus. Where are you?"

I answer, "somewhere in the house".

She responds, "oh, very nice :-)"

I hadn't really gotten my answer whether it was her bus or not so I finally decided to just be straight with her, "Was your bus hit with rocks? (is that better?)"

Her answer, "No, why?"

I told her that a bus had been hit but that there were no injuries. She asked me where the bus was and I told her it was on the road she had just traveled. Her response, "oh, okay."

There is something infinitely sad about a child not being fazed at all by an attack on the road where she was. 

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