Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Independent Floods the Internet...with Lies

Credibility, honor, truth. These are the cornerstones of journalism. Once our job as journalists was to report the news but with modern social media, there are very few instances where a newsworthy even is first reported by a reporter. Instead, ordinary people take to the internet - to Facebook, to Twitter, to Google+. It can take the reporters hours to arrive and often they simply allow the locals to continue to report what is happening.

The problem with this practice is that it is easily manipulated. Blindly, some media outlets (The Independent, Reuters, even BBC), accept the story that is fed to them and in so doing, make the most amateurish of mistakes. Faulty sources leads to faulty reporting. Worse even than mistakes, are the intentional deceptions easily gobbled up by these lazy organizations.

Last year or so, the story was Israel flooding Gaza by opening dams...that didn't exist. This year, it is the opposite. We apparently aren't flooding Gaza, we are now guilty of withholding water during the religious month of Ramadan. Of course, we aren't doing that. Of course, most Israelis know Ramadan not so much as a religious month but one plagued by violence and terror.

Four innocent people gunned down in a restaurant in Tel Aviv, dozens of stoning attacks every day, a shooting just this morning. So in the midst of all this violence, in walks the Independent to push a story that would outrage anyone...if it were true.

Kudos to Honest Reporting for this story. After you see this video that they have made, please join their attempt to get The Independent to remove the article. You can sign Honest Reporting's letter to The Independent here: http://bit.ly/28KBkZJ

The Independent has tried correcting it so many times, they should really just surrender to the fact that they you can't build a story on a lie, no matter how much you try.

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Maoz said...

Apropos of "most Israelis know Ramadan ... plagued by violence and terror": Don't forget, the war we know as the Yom Kippur War, they call "The War of Ramadan".

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