Friday, July 1, 2016

I Hope it's Not Anyone I Know...

Minutes ago, another attack near Hebron. Terrorists opened fire on a car. One dead, two critically wounded. Children were in the car.

We are listening in real time as this even is unfolding, as we are learning what happened. Another senseless attack on a family. It is a few hours before Shabbat...

My phone started beeping as I was driving home and then, from the back seat, Aliza told me of another attack, not far from Hebron, not far from her school and her friends.

"I hope it's not anyone I know," she said.

I mentioned that it happened "near Beit Haggai" and she responded. "I know people from Beit Haggai and from Otniel, from all over."

And that's what it's about - we know people...or we know people who know people. A little after we first arrived in Israel, there  were waves and waves of terror attacks. It was the wave that destroyed us; brought us to our knees in pain. Another incident, another family devastated.

"The father was killed," Aliza just told me, "the car is upside down. There are three hurt." There are tears in her eyes. "The mother is critically injured and two children were moderately wounded when the car crashed and rolled in the aftermath of the shooting. There's a picture of a soldier with his arm around one of the children.

My daughter is tired of hearing of people being murdered...she feels that it is happening all around her. I remember well how she reacted after the Fogel much more are we expected to take?

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